If we talk about the best alternative of Apple App Store, then I must say the iOSEmus App is the most popular and used app to run apps that especially runs and trending on the internet to download. As we know that you need to jailbreak your device to customize your phone, but you can install iOSEmus on iOS 10, 11. Or 12 to make changes and unlock more features of the device.

As most of the iOS devices come with some restrictions, some people wonder to break the wall and personalize the device. At the time, we suggest iOSEmus App which you can install on your iOS device to download cracked and modified apps without jailbreaking. Hence, you will be able to download iOSEmus Pokemon Go or install Kodi add-ons on your iOS device with iOSEmus app without jailbreaking. Well, the iOSEmus app store has a huge collection of popular apps and games which you can’t get from the Apple Store. So, if you ready to get iOSEmus App on your iOS device then follow below process.

iOSEmus Download For Free

Warning: We suggest users should always use a VPN in conjunction with free or low-cost streaming solutions like iOSEmus and other app or website to protect their identity and security.

iOSEmus Features

  • Best apps on your iOS device which requires your device to be jailbroken in advance, with iOSEmus you can run them on your iOS devices simply.
  • You can get all the popular games and apps in the iOSEmus app itself, all the apps are neatly prepared and finding the much-loved app is super easy. The green streak all along with the app icon in the iOSEmus app signifies which apps can be used on your device without a jailbreak.
  • IOSEmus has different app themes that match the in progress theme on your device and look good.
  • IOSEmus works on all iOS devices irrespective of the screen size and is operational worldwide.

How To Install iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad [iOS 10/11/12]

Step #1: On your iPhone or iPad, go to iosem.us within the Safari Browser

Step #2: Click an icon to install

Step #3: This will open Settings, click Install

Step #4: If prompted, enter your Passcode for verification

Step #5: Click Install again

Step #6: Click Done

Step #7: iOSEmus installation is now complete. The app will now show up on your home screen. Feel free to move it anywhere you prefer!

Hope now you have properly installed the iOSEmus app on your iOS device. Well, if you are new or first time users of iOSEmus then you should also check the step-by-step guide to use iOSEmus.

How To Use iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad [iOS 10/11/12]

To access the app, we must trust the Developer within the device’s Settings. We can do so by using the following instructions:

Step #1: Open Settings from the home screen and Click General

Step #2: Scroll down and select Profiles & Device Management

Step #3: Click the text located beneath Enterprise App

Step #4: Click Trust “China Television Information Techno…” or other Developer your device shows

Step #5: Click Trust Again.

To check the storage space available on an Apple device, Click Settings, General, About and see next to Available is your device’s storage space

Final Lines

Hope you have followed the process carefully and installed iOSEmus app on your iOS devices and enjoy all new features of the iOSEmus. Once after using iOSEmus app on your iPhone or iPad, please do share your experience in comments.