Considering buying clothes for your children? If yes, a recently trendy website has taken the internet over by storm. Lulububbles, which is known for hosting adorable, functional, and trendy kid’s clothing has gained immense name among the masses but has also raised a lot of concerns in people’s minds.

Is the website legit? Should you buy items of clothing from them? The list of questions seems to be never-ending. Despite all the ifs and buts, one thing is for sure, the amount of trendy clothes you can find on this website is unmatched.

This article will further look into the legitimacy of Lulububbles and whether or not it is a worthy website to buy clothes from.

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What is Lulububbles?

Lulububbles is an online e-commerce clothing store for kids. They only sell kid’s clothing, accessories, even toys, and other functional items.

The website or the brand seems to be operating out of the United States but not a lot of clear and transparent information is mentioned on their website, leaving the potential consumers wondering about its legitimacy.

From baby rompers to wet suits and dress sets, you can find pretty much every category of clothing for kids, especially girls on this website. 

What are the Features of Lulububbles?

Lulububbles is like most of the other random e-commerce clothing and accessories websites that you will come across on the internet. They have a functional website, which harbors all the relevant information that you’d need to contact them in case you aren’t satisfied with a product in general.

Besides that, everything on their website is organized into categories, meaning that you can simply scroll through the options and find things that are to your liking. If there’s something specific that you wish to purchase, they have a dedicated search bar too.

Coming to their refund or return policy, orders once placed can’t be canceled. If you want to process a return, you’d have to do it once you receive the package. Then, you’d have to initiate the return and the refund will be processed within 14 days.

The shipping will depend on the country you are ordering from. All the details regarding shipping are mentioned on their website.

What are the Pros and Cons of Lulububbles?

Before you consider purchasing from Lulububbles, let us walk you through the list of pros and cons related to the website. What this will do is ensure that you have a good understanding of what to pick and what to avoid.

Some of the pros include:

  • The website offers free shipping on orders above $59.00.
  • The website has mixed ratings, which you can check out.
  • The website has formal contact information.

Some of the cons are:

  • Social media accounts aren’t functional.
  • The origin of the products isn’t clear.

Is Lulububbles a Legit Website?

To conclude things, we’d say Lulububbles is an operational website with a few dicey and suspicious factors associated. It stands out with its contact information but there is no information regarding where the company is sourcing its products from. Most consumers believe it’s from China, but nothing is mentioned on the website.

If you are considering purchasing from Lulububbles, we’d recommend practicing caution. Start with smaller purchases to check the quality and availability. Paying for a large order and regretting it later is not worth it at all.

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