Back in 2016 when mobile browsing has first beaten desktop (The Guardian) more savvy businesses could get some edge by optimizing for smartphones and tablets. However, today this is not a competitive opportunity but a necessity, especially after the launch of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing. As mobile optimization is a mandatory requirement now, one has to find other ways to make their website be a bit better than the competitor. And there aren’t many options for that. One of those few is boosting up the WordPress website loading speed for mobile devices.


4 Methods to Speed Up a WordPress Website for Mobile

1#. Use a different type of content

Having a responsive design that will change the presentation of your content on a mobile device is great, but it doesn’t solve all the issues. Breaking one paragraph into three smaller ones doesn’t fix the matter of the user waiting for the protocols to kick in and convert the content as well as the annoying scrolling through a huge text.

As you do mobile-first page optimization, you have to develop mobile-first content. This means posting smaller pieces on your mobile website and filling them with lists and short simple paragraphs. The images there should be ‘non-interactive’ so the reader doesn’t accidentally get thrown to a different page by accidentally touching the image.

You should also remove all unnecessary content, especially the visuals. While seeing a few big beautiful images in the background is nice on a large monitor, it’s only irritating and distracting on a smartphone screen.

2#. Change your host

Switching to a better hosting is a great method for boosting WordPress website speed for mobile and desktop devices alike. You’ll need to choose wisely, so be sure to study helpful sources.  Web Hosting Media is one of the services that offer independent hosting providers’ reviews and have a special set of posts about services best suited for WordPress specifically.

Note that when choosing your new host look not only on their server specs and uptime stats. You also should pick the best package. This means going for as much disk space and bandwidth as you can afford. That’s why reviewing services are so helpful as they show you where to find the best deals.

3#. Compress the images right

Not using visuals isn’t an option as they are this content has the highest level of emotional impact. But it also takes the longest to load, so be sure to optimize your images well.

Use solutions like TinyPNG and Smush designed specifically for WP and therefore best-suited for boosting WordPress website speed for mobile.

4#. Consider Switching to a Mobile App

Running a mobile version of the website is not always the best option. A native or a hybrid mobile app can be more efficient and will have more customization features than a website can allow.

This is the best choice for retailers as you can diversity product search options on an app and add some other helpful features the buyers will appreciate. Note that the hosting rule applies to a web application as well, because the host will determine its speed and stability.

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