Duolingo Music is Duolingo’s new interactive music course that teaches the basics of reading and playing music. It was announced in October 2023 and initially launched only for iOS devices. As of December 2023, the music course is still exclusive to iOS and has not yet been released for Android devices.

Android users are wondering when and how they can access these new music lessons. Here is everything we know so far about getting Duolingo Music on Android devices.


About Duolingo Music

Duolingo Music aims to teach the basics of music in a fun, bite-sized, and interactive way – similar to how the app approaches language education. Users will learn core concepts like rhythm, pitch, harmony, melody and more.

The lessons feature an on-screen piano keyboard that allows you to play over 200 popular songs spanning various genres and time periods. As you progress, you build real music literacy skills like sight reading sheet music and playing full pieces.

Current Availability

Based on the search results, Duolingo Music is currently only available on iOS devices running iOS 16 or later. It is not yet available on Android devices.

The course was first launched in beta testing for select iOS users on October 11, 2023. In November 2023, it began rolling out more widely to iOS users who signed up on a waitlist within the Duolingo app. However, there is no official release date yet for Android devices.

Expected Android Release

When Duolingo Music was first announced, the company stated that it would be available “to more learners very soon” after the initial iOS launch. This suggests that Android users could expect access to the course sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

In one report from November 2023, it was speculated that the Android release could come as early as that month or by December 2023. However, December has passed and the course is still not available on Android.

At this time, Duolingo has not provided an official expected release date for Duolingo Music on Android. It appears the rollout to iOS is still ongoing, after which Android availability is likely to follow.

Course Overview

The Duolingo Music course focuses on teaching core music literacy concepts like identifying notes, reading sheet music, rhythm, and musical symbols. It also allows you to play basic songs on a virtual keyboard within the app interface.

Unlike learning a specific instrument, the course aims to provide accessible music education to those without prior experience or access to lessons. It uses Duolingo’s signature gamified, bite-sized lesson style to engage users.

Thus, Duolingo Music currently remains an iOS exclusive course without an official Android release date. Android availability is expected sometime within the coming months as Duolingo continues expanding the course access. Users can check the Duolingo app or the company’s social media pages for updates on an Android launch date.

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