Online e-commerce clothing companies are flourishing at the moment. With more and more companies making their way through the internet, it isn’t surprising that the majority of consumers are often questioning the integrity of certain platforms.

Are they any good? Are they legit? Will I get scammed? These are a few of the common questions and doubts that people have regarding such websites. If you are on a similar boat, let’s set a few things straight.

This article will explore everything that we need to know about Ninacloak, its product authenticity, and its point of origin.


What is Ninacloak?

Ninacloak is an online e-commerce platform dedicated to offering people access to trendy and fast-fashion clothing items. The company was established in 2017 and started as a small online clothing store that specialized in women’s clothing only.

However, with how accessible and affordable their products were, it didn’t take the company much time to diversify and expand its category of products and become one of the most popular fast-fashion brands on the internet.

The main claim of the brand is that it provides trending and hottest fashion for both men and women across the world. 

What are the Different Categories of Clothing Offered by Ninacloak?

Ninacloak Clothing primarily focuses on women’s clothing items. Any kind of clothing that you can potentially think of is available on this website, which is a benefit.

From tops to shirts to formal clothing, the website hosts it all under one roof, making everything easily accessible without any complaints at all. Consumers can also find attractive dresses for the summer months and casual wear, all under a single roof.

Besides the top wear, the bottom wear section on the website is also quite enticing. From denim to formal trousers, shorts, skirts, and leggings, the diversity of products is quite promising. Another benefit of this website is that it has a dedicated “plus size section” for curvy consumers.

So, more or less every kind or category of clothing that you need is available at Ninacloak. However, they do specialize in women’s clothing mainly.

Is NinacloakChinese Company?

According to the information available on Ninacloak’s official website, the company operates from the United States. They have designated contact details mentioned on their website too.

However, reports have clarified that the brand sources its products directly from Hong Kong, China. So, in short, their operations are based out of the U.S. but their production is based out of China.  

For more details, we’d recommend you check the website and their dedicated FAQs section because that’s where they mention all the details. Since Ninacloak sources their products from China, that has raised a lot of eyebrows among consumers.


If you are considering buying from Ninacloak, we’d recommend you read through the individual reviews before finalizing your options. Sometimes, all you need to do is check what the people are saying before you spend your hard-earned money. Are you considering buying from Ninacloak after reading this?

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