You love online shopping then you must be familiar with several eCommerce websites that offer really good deals on numerous products. Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, and there are many more in this category. But there is something special about this Many people ask on the internet “is fraud or real?” Well, there are two sides to the story always. Some people receive what they order and some get not the exact thing they have ordered. So, there mixed reviews about this popular site and that is why most of the people (online shopping lovers) are looking for sites like Wish that could be the best alternatives.

Here, we have mentioned some of the best sites like Wish where you can get some good deals just like Wish. But the delivery time of these sites could be similar to Wish (that is up to 30-45) as the items are being delivered directly from China.



The first and one of the best alternatives to Wish is a subsidiary of the biggest eCommerce website AliExpress is specially designed for items like electronic gadgets, household things, toys, clothes, footwear, accessories, and many other things. Just like Wish, users would get some amazing deals on the products here. AliExpress make deliveries in most of countries. The products are from China so the delivery time is similar to but the variety of products is really much better.


Import website widely used before Wish and AliExpress reached fame, DealExtreme has a wide variety of electronics, toys, clothes, and accessories, among others. Despite having fewer shopkeepers than AliExpress and Wish – while they have millions of products available, DealExtreme has “only” about 300,000. The site has the advantage of not charging shipping, regardless of your address.


With a website available in multiple languages and approximate prices very low, LightInTheBox has several product categories, ranging from sports items to electronics and items for weddings and parties, for example. The website also has an extensive customer support network, allowing a customer to be served in up to 27 different languages. Its only flaw for users is that its return policy is only extended to users from the United States or European countries. So, if you are from any other part of the world then you won’t be getting this perk. Although, this site has some great deals so you can use it as one of the best sites like Wish.


The largest auction site in the world. Although not all of your inventory has shipping options to your place, it is still possible to find items for sale that cannot be purchased in your region, either due to unavailability or high prices. Its operation is similar to that of Amazon and some auction sites. You can participate in product auctions or make purchases as usual in any eCommerce. However, it is worth remembering that prices are in dollars and you must convert to get an estimate of the price. Well, some countries like India and others have their domestic version of eBay where Wish is still getting momentum, this site could be one of the best alternatives to


An online store with a more limited variety than most of those listed in this publication, Bonanza specializes in items created by artisans, which explains its smaller quantity of products available. In other words, Bonanza is one of the alternatives focused on offering items that do not fit so much in standard industrialized models. Bonanza is available in multiple languages so, if you are living in a non-English country still you can use this site. This site like Wish allows you to compare prices and sales rates with eCommerce giants like eBay itself mentioned above


Gearbest is one of the excellent websites like, offering a wide range of product categories, from peripherals and electronics to beauty, health, and clothing products. The platform features daily promotions for its customers, as well as frequent new product launches. Just like other sites on this list, this Wish alternative is available in multiple languages and you can compare the prices of the products with other online stores. Offers on the products are also amazing.


Banggood is another store that offers prices in various currencies to reach the worldwide market. They work with a wide variety of products, such as toys, accessories, clothing, electronics, and even auto parts. Banggood also works with a loyalty program where the customer has a chance to participate in sweepstakes and win prizes.

In the store, you can find a huge variety of brands and products at discounts. According to the delivery period informed by them, your product takes 15-25 business days to be delivered using standard courier service. In addition, Banggood also has an application for Android and iOS. This could really be one of the best alternatives to Wish.


YoyBuy offers a service different from the other sites like Wish that on our list. The company actually offers to buy the products you want and then offers its own means of shipping so that you can save on shipping or even advance delivery time.

In addition, they also have a loyalty program where the customer accumulates points for each completed delivery. YoyBuy also has a cost calculator so that you can have an idea of the amount to be paid before anything.

Bottom line

So, these are the best sites like where you will get the best deals on various products. All of these sites accept Visa and MasterCard as the payment option but some only rely on PayPal so, you need to check before making a purchase.

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