Tutanota is a free end-to-end encrypted email service where users can get the most secure email communication. Tutanota is self-proclaimed “the world’s most secure email service” very simple & easy to use and design privately as per the users. Just like Gmail and Yahoo email services Tutanota also provides the same platform for email connectivity but Tutanota is distinctive and believed to be one of the most secure and safe mail services. It is a free and open-source email service and the only way for earning the webmail is through premium subscriptions and donations from the users. So you won’t get the annoying advertisements while using the service.

Tutanota is also believed to be the best alternative to Gmail. Established in 2011, this German email service has more than 2 million users worldwide. Tutanota is the first email service provider to make its app available on F-Droid and removing all dependency on propriety code.  On PC or other computers, you can use its service on its website or its client for Linus, Windows, or macOS while its client apps are available for iOS, Android, and F-Droid. So you can access the most secure email services on all of your devices which are free without ads and your email transfer is safe from attackers. You just have to sign up for free on the site and you can choose other premium plans if you want to enjoy its more benefits.


Features and Benefits of Tutanota – Why choose Tutanota email service

Here are some salient features of the Tutanota email service which will let you know the significance of the need to a secure and end-to-end encrypted email service.

Free and Oper-Source – Tutanota is absolutely free but you can choose other premium plans which come at a price. It is open-source webmail so security researchers can verify the codes which protect emails. Its Android App is an example of Google-free.

Free Secure Emails without Ads – Tutanota offers you the secure email service which doesn’t have advertisements. It works to bring you the email service that lets you emphasis on the important things only. From its personal use of the service to full-featured secure email for companies, Tutanota claims it is the only email service that you will need for security and privacy.

Safe From Attackers – Tutanota is the best end-to-end encrypted service that also has 2FA security so it guarantees you that your mailbox is only for you and it cannot be decrypted by a third person. So it becomes the safest from the attackers.

Encrypt Everything – Tutanota guarantees that your data in the app or email is always encrypted. The subject, body of the message and all the attachments are sent securely and are encrypted by Tutanota. You can also import all of your contacts in the encrypted address book of Tutanota so nobody can get your contacts’ information.

Free Encrypted Calendar – Tutanota offers an encrypted calendar at no cost with the email service. The calendar is attached to the secure email client and can be used on your all devices. The calendar also sends notifications which are end-to-end encrypted. With this, you will also able to send invitations and more features are being added to the calendar with Tutanota.

How to Setup and create free Tutanota Account

Setting up a Tutanota account is an easy way to send and receive encrypted email. The first thing to do is to sign up for the service. You need to head to the signup page of Tutanota in which you can create your new email address and generate your own password. Make it long complex and hard to guess. Please be advised that for security reasons Tutanota will not store your password and you will not be able to restore your password if you ever lose it. You may have to answer a CAPTCHA question before you can access your inbox for the first time. We recommend that you do not store your passwords with your browser. Once you login you will be greeted with a welcome email that explains how Tutanota works.

How does Tutanota send encrypted emails between Tutanota Accounts?

Now, let’s see how to send encrypted emails. Email sent and received between Tutanota accounts are encrypted by default. So it does not require any extra step on your part. Here sending an email to another Tutanta account as you can see the lock icon means that the email has been encrypted in transit.

How does Tutanota send encrypted emails to other email services?

Now let’s see what happens when your correspondence is not on Tutanota for example, someone who has a Gmail account. You can still send an encrypted email to someone who is not on Tutanota it’s called sending a confidential email. You can choose not to send the email confidentially but if you want to encrypt that email you would then have to create a password and agreed password between you and your correspondence. We recommend that you share this password with your correspondence using a separate and secure channel ideally with some secure chatting app. Once you send your email to your Gmail correspondent, your correspondent receives a message that invites them to an external page which is a Tutanota web page in which they will need to enter the agreed password. This way they can securely communicate with you, they can even reply confidentially to your email using the same page which is protected by the password that you have put in place.

What are premium subscriptions prices for Tutanota?

Tutanota app can be used for both private and business. Here are the premium plans of Tutanota.

Free for personal use

Tutanota Premium – €12

Tutanota Pro – €60

The same rates are applied for business subscriptions as well.

Final Words:

So this is how Tutanota is said to be the world’s best secure email service that secures your email communication with an end-to-end encryption. You can choose Tutanota for your personal use as well as choose for the use in the business for communication between employees.