You are sitting in front of your laptop or PC or with your smartphone in your hand; you are the part of the generation that is influenced by the modern social-media era. Everything is available online now. People take online classes, watch movies, and you can even order food and cab with some taps on your phone. So online shopping is nothing miracle these days. Everybody does window shopping on several websites and they can get the product delivered at their doorsteps within a day or two. If you are a person who checks on all the websites to compare the price of the same products on all of them then it is kind of annoying to check one after one every website. So, PriceBlink is the best tool you need.

PriceBlink is an online tool that lets you know when you want to buy a product at a lower price by comparing online shopping sites. PriceBlink scans more than 12,000 online stores and over 4000 merchants online for you and it will tell you the online store where you can buy the product at a cheaper price compare to others. There are several other sites like Trivago where you can check the rates of hotel booking from several service providers at one place and Priceblink does the same for you but with shopping online. Apart from comparing prices, it also alerts you about some big sales on online stores, money-saving coupons, and some offers which are offered by the sites.

So, what could be better than finding and checking the price of a product from all the renowned shopping websites at a single place? It is a kind of life hack tool. It has huge listings of online stores and it works on all popular online stores like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and many more.

What’s PriceBlink and what does it offer?

As we said in this article about the primary and fundamental purpose of Priceblink, here are some other features and functions of PriceBlink.

Compare and find the lowest Prices – On PriceBlink, you can compare the price of a product on various online stores and you can choose the size which suits your budget and is trustworthy.

Money-saving Coupons – PriceBlink will let you know when there are coupons or free shipping code available for the online stores you are checking.

Offers and Sale – When any store is having a discount offer or a big sale on festivals or anniversary, PriceBlink will alert for such best deal on the product that you want to buy.

Compare Product Ratings – For several products, PriceBlink presents the composite ratings and reviews by other users for the product you want to buy.

All at One Place – Instead of checking all the websites one by one to compare the price you can check and compare the prices and offers by all the major online stores at one place.

Available as Add-on – PriceBlink is available for all major web browsers so you can have access to it in a few clicks. The PriceBlink browser add-on has been featured on USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, Lifer Hacker, and CBS News’ “Top must-have browser extensions”.

How to install PriceBlink on your Browser

Here are the browsers, for which PriceBlink extension is available as a free download.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Safari

On any of these browsers’ extension store, you can easily find the PriceBlink add-on by searching the name in the search bar. You can also add the extension of PriceBlink by accessing its official website and it will redirect you to the extension supportable for your browsers.

Final Words:

So now you know what to do before embarking on a mission of buying something from an online store. You can easily compare prices of the same product on various online shopping websites at a single place on PriceBlink. There are a few tools like PriceBlink in the market but PriceBlink is first of its kind and remain the best among them all. Tell us in the comment box, which is your favorite tool to compare prices on various websites. If you have any suggestion or feedback then you can write to us through the comment box.

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