Most gamers around the world develop habits and quirks over the years; spending hours playing video games can do that to anyone. Some of these habits are harmless, and quite common, too, but some might be detrimental for us. These quirks might come off as annoying to some people, but sometimes, it’s just how the person is.

Here are some gaming habits that a lot of gamers develop.


Battery Problem

Gamers that use a wireless mouse or controller tend to drain their batteries too fast. So, if you’re out of batteries and you don’t have a choice, you might end up taking the batteries in other remotes in the house. Whether it’s the TV or AC remote, nothing is safe when your battery-dependant items are about to stop working. It’s likely annoying for other people at home with you to frequently ask you why remotes aren’t working. So, to avoid all of that hassle, it would be wise to stockpile on triple-A batteries just in case. You never know when you’d be staying up late at night playing video games before you see the low battery sign.

Always Following Reviews

It’s always the same for any form of art, whether it’s a movie, a show, or a play, you have to keep up with reviews on new releases. The same applies to gaming because the industry is no stranger to producing new games on the regular. Most game critics and game testers use a reputable homepage to host their game reviews. This gives us insight and information about the game in question, making us either try it or not. The habit here is that some gamers tend to listen to these reviews without checking the game themselves. If the review was negative then they wouldn’t even give it a try to see if they would like it or not. Reviews are like safety information and guidelines, but they should be taken with a grain of salt. You can’t be sure about anything unless you try it for yourself.

Falling Asleep As You Play

Another common habit among gamers is dozing off in front of your screen or on your desk when you’re playing a game. This happens mostly late at night, but it varies from person to person. This might be a sign that you should turn off everything and head to bed. Most of the time it’s because you’re playing an immersive game with long and wide areas, making you walk or run as you go from one place to another. The act of walking or running like that can be a little boring for some gamers, making them sleep involuntarily when they’re already tired and sitting in a comfortable position on the couch or chair. So getting enough sleep to recharge would be wise.


One More Quest

This is what every gamer does when they’re supposed to do something else. It could be finals week, they could have work to do, or it might just be super late and they’re supposed to head to bed. But instead, they think that they still have time on their hands and just tell themselves to do one more quest in the game. If you do this, you’re going to find yourself still playing this game five hours later, even though you were supposed to do something else. The funny thing is that you never plan to stay up until five in the morning playing the game; it just happens and you shrug it off. This is very common and a lot of gamers still do this every day.

Going To The Fridge 100 Times

It’s normal to feel hungry after midnight when you’ve spent hours playing games, but when you go and check the fridge for something nice to eat, you might not find anything worth eating. This can make you annoyed, but you just go back to playing anyway. The funny thing is that you seem to forget that you’ve gone to the fridge already. You start to repeat the same impulse and check the fridge over and over. This can go on for some time, and you simply never understand why you keep getting up to look at the fridge.

With time and dedication, some people put an end to these gaming habits. It’s just a matter of having the will to change. However, if you find that you have some of these habits, then don’t worry about it too much. Nobody should judge you or force you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. If you know someone with these quirks, treat them with respect, as they might change these habits with time.

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