Have you ever given feedback to restaurants or shopping malls? Do you love to give feedback? If yes, you would love to read this article. As not only you can give feedback but you can get a free donut too. Confused? Scroll down.

“Telldunkin com within 3 days” is a formal way of telling people that if they want to earn free donuts, they have to fill the survey within 3 days of their last purchase. But now the question arises how to go through the process and what are the formalities behind it. Scroll down the article and know the answer to your queries.

A customer’s feedback is always important to the company and that’s why Dunkin here is valuing your time. In exchange for your little time, they are giving you free donuts! Wow! So, if you are very fond of eating donuts, this article is exclusively for you.


Background to Dunkin Donut

Dunkin Donut is a very popular food chain firm scattered overseas. The firm set up in the year 1946and to date it is arising. It was set up by Bill Rosenberg. This store gained a huge success and then bill opened another store in 1951. He thus opened his first Dunkin donut store in Quincy, Massachusetts in the USA. Since 1951, the amazing food chain brand has been serving 30 countries and more than 10,000 locations worldwide. It has become the world’s leadin’ Coffee and Baked Goods chain, servin’ more than 900 million donuts, and 1.5 billion cups of coffee a year globally.

The idea behind “tell dunkins com within 3 days”

We all know that surveys are important for a company or firm to grow positively. This has become today’s trend and restaurants or coffee shops often ask for customer feedback. This gives them the idea that where they are lacking. Shopping malls even have e-filling forms that can hardly take 2 minutes for your honest feedback. Similar way, dukin is trying to be better and better in the coming years. And when you fill survey form, you can get a donut as a free snack.

Also, the three-day concept is there so that they can improvise the faults as soon as possible. Suppose you have been to the shop on 1 Feb 2021 then you have to carry out the process till 4th Feb 2021. If you get late, the link will expire. TellDunkin com within 3 days concept is useful for the firm as well as customers.

Survey requirements

Survey filling forms are very easy. The important thing here is either you know English or Espanol to carry out the survey.

1) Age

Your age must be 18 or above to carry out the survey.

2) Internet Connection

You must have a reliable internet connection to carry out the survey. A breakage in the process brings you to the homepage again and you have to start all over again.A PC or laptop and a working browser, Google Chrome or IE are sufficient to carry out the process.

3) Keep a pencil and an old bill

Yes, this is important. Keep your bill receipt safe with you. Before carrying out the survey, keep your last visit bill and a pencil with you. When you finish the survey process, you will get a code, write that code and then go to the shop with the bill receipt and Survey code.

Some Terms and conditions…

There will only be one receipt issued per customer, per visit. The coupon code is non-transferable. The coupon code cannot be combined and claimed with other promotions. The customer will have to bear the tax applicable after the coupon is redeemed.

How do get through the survey process?

  1. Open the Dunkin Donuts survey link by google search, https://www.telldunkin.com . or simply click on this given link.
  2. Choose a language either English or Espanol. The further survey would be in that particular language only.
  3. Enter the survey code written on your receipt/bill. If your receipt does not have a survey code, No worries. Enter 6 digit PC number.
  4. Then Put particular the Date and Time of your last purchase.
  5. Answer the questionnaire and please be honest. Honest feedback would be helpful!
  6. The questions would be related to your overall experience like quality, quantity, behavior, etc. You can also add comments about what can be improved.
  7. Note down the code you get after completing the survey.
  8. Then Go to the shop again and claim free donuts.
  9. Please Note that This coupon code is valid for 180 days from your survey.

Final words

Well, readers, this is all about “tellDunkin com within 3 days”. I hope now you have no confusion regarding this statement and you can grab free donuts easily.

I hope you like this article. Share your feedback. Thank you!