WhatsApp has become a second name for text messaging. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it popular among the users. It offers a lot of incredible features. However, users still want more features from such apps. This is the reason why several third-party app developers patch the WhatsApp APK and offer new mods of WhatsApp. YOWhatsApp is one such application. It is among the most famous and widely used WhatsApp mods in the market.

WhatsApp modifications are software developments created by third parties that normally serve to add more functionalities and features to your WhatsApp application, apart from the features that are already available. WhatsApp Mods can be easily downloaded and used. There are many alternatives to YoWhatsApp that are paid, but YoWhatsApp is completely free.

You will find many different WhatsApp mods, but the two most famous are GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. The former was widely used for a time, but the excess display of advertising and missing of some features have declined its fame. This is the reason why users are preferring to use YoWhatsApp.


Why Should You Use YoWhatsApp?

There is no doubt that you already use WhatsApp and you love all the features. Some features of WhatsApp can be daunting for you. For example, sometimes, you don’t want to show other users that you have seen their messages. WhatsApp doesn’t allow such features. However, WhatsApp Mods like YoWhatsApp has an abundance of features. YoWhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp but has more features.

In a nutshell, if you wish to have some extraordinary features on WhatsApp then YoWhatsApp can be the best option for you. You can act cool among other players by showing off new features.

Features of YoWhatsApp

Here are more features of YoWhatsApp that are enough to convince you to use this WhatsApp patched version.

  • YoWhatsApp has no limit on the number of groups and topics
  • Users can hide their online status while they are using the app.
  • You can read the message without sending a blue tick mark to the sender of the message.
  • You can add a passcode or biometric lock to the app.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, you can block some users in the call section
  • Send photos and videos to your friends in high-quality. WhatsApp generally loses quality.
  • There is no limit to send media file without any limitation
  • YoWhatsApp offers multiple options for fonts.
  • There is no need to save the number of other users to find them in the chat or contacts.
  • YoWhatsApp has an anti-deletion feature that lets you see the message even if the sender deleted the message.
  • If you want to hide some icons like the record option, blue tick, and other options, you can do it in YoWhatsApp.
  • Users can hide the media files in the chat or mobile gallery
  • YoWhatsApp allows you to make changes to every chat and group.
  • Users can hide or change the name of the persons in the chat.
  • You can hide or limit your profit for some users as well.
  • Users can even change their last seen status to some random date and time.

How to Download YoWhatsApp?

If you are looking to install this mod, it is very easy to download the latest version of YoWhatsApp from the internet.

  1. You just have to visit the official link of YoWhatsApp or any third-party app. From there access the download section in the section and save the YoWhatsApp APK file on your device.
  2. Now enable installation from Unknown Sources from the phone settings and tap on the downloaded APK file to install YOWhatsApp on your device.

Why YoWhatsApp Is Popular?

As we already told you that YoWhatsApp allows us to enjoy many additional features that we cannot use in the WhatsApp application. Below we offer you a list of the most outstanding things.

An Improved Messaging System

This WhatsApp Mod app offers an enriched messaging system. They can reply to any chat or messages instantly from the notification area. Users can remove the bluetick or even online status to remain hidden in the others’ eyes.

It allows users to open only one chat on the phone or delete multiple messages at a single time. You can also set an automated reply system to some specific contacts.

Added Features for Groups

Unlike WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp enables users to create a group with many contacts, and the name of the group can of 35 characters. Traditional WhatsApp allows naming group name of 25.

Additional Safety Features

YoWhatsApp incorporates additional security functionalities, such as the “do not disturb” function or a secure application lock function. By using the “do not disturb” (DND) function you can deactivate the Internet only for the WhatsApp app, which will guarantee that no one bothers you at any time.

Mass Messaging to More Members

Normally, WhatsApp allows messages to be sent to a maximum of 256 members. Therefore, if you want to spread your message to more people, you already know that with YoWhatsApp you can send up to 600 contacts.

Should I Install YoWhatsApp? Is It Safe to Install YoWhatsApp?

As a general rule, installing and using YoWhatsApp is safe, but since it is against WhatsApp’s “terms of use” to use third-party applications, we must be careful because it could be blocked in the future. The latest version of YoWhatsApp has an anti-blocking feature, so right now it is more secure than in previous versions. Sometimes when a user uses an unofficial version of WhatsApp instead of the official application, they may be temporarily banned from using the messaging application. However, if you want to live on the edge then YoWhatsApp is the best option for you to get additional features over traditional WhatsApp. Many people who want to use the additional features of the app love this version of WhatsApp over other similar applications. This can be among the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

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