Company Website

Explore the company’s website before the python application development. Ask questions on the topic. When did the company start doing mobile development? How many projects have been completed in the last year?

Market veterans will easily give odds to one-day companies. Firstly, companies with experience no less than yours are interested in quality – they take care of their business reputation. Secondly, their expertise guarantees you first-class service.

Take a look at the company’s portfolio of cases in python development agency. Top python development company always has well-organised one. After examining it, you will find out what projects the development team worked on. This will help you understand if they have experience in the business and programming area you need, as well as give an idea of ​​the skill level and scale of completed projects.

Development companies that do not have much experience in software development in python may not be aware of the many problems that arise during the development of such systems and their subsequent operation. The scale of past projects is important as this will help you assess whether the technology partner understands the specifics of your niche business.

Company Size

It happens that customers of mobile applications give preference to companies that are in the nearest availability. You should not limit your choice to a territorial feature. Better to focus on the size of the team and the availability of specialized professionals.

Inquiring customers of mobile applications are always interested in the composition of the development team. Nevertheless, some businessmen undeservedly ignore the acquaintance with the project manager. In fact, this specialist acts as an intermediary between the customer of the mobile solution and the development team. His role is extremely important to any project.

Technology Specialization

The trouble is, if you decide that a large number of mobile solutions in the python software company portfolio is the key to success. The quality of mobile applications of DjangoStars does not directly correlate with the quantity. Many companies release applications that are literally made on the knee. Therefore, customers should carefully study the applications that the developer company cites as an example.

Download a few applications yourself, try them in action. Ask how many apps have been tested in App Stores and Google Play. But don’t let the number of rejected apps scare you. If there are such, it rather speaks of the company’s experience. Store requirements change frequently, so if the application has not been updated, then there may be refusals. If there are no refusals, perhaps they are lying to you.

“From the idea of ​​the application straight to implementation!” Is a common misconception among mobile app customers. Even a great idea needs clarification of details, clarification of how the customer sees the final product. Otherwise, you risk getting a mobile application that is far from your original idea.

Check References

Check what is being written about python software development company on the network: social networks, reviews, news and specialized resources. But beware, many of these reviews are bought for the sake of increasing popularity or fighting competitors. Look for messages with details and screenshots of cooperation agreements.

Fixed Pricing

Usually developers make a preliminary estimate of the cost of the order. You can get it in a couple of days, usually for free.

If the cost suits the customer, he signs a contract, which calculates the exact price of the application development, the deadline for the completion of the work and a description of the final result. Sometimes the price can change if during the development process it was decided to add additional functionality. But this is agreed with the customer.