Akamai is a service provider for the provision of bandwidth so that websites, downloads, or online videos do not have to be made available on their own servers. Thanks to the hosting structure and gigabit connection, this data can be delivered faster (so-called CDN). The bandwidth or traffic is saved on the website, actually, visited. The web pages are loaded much faster, videos can be played faster and without buffering.

The “Akamai NetSession Interface” software ensures an optimized connection of your own computer to the Akamai servers and provides the necessary caching of the downloaded data. Most often these are video files. More information is available on the Akamai website.


How does the Akamai NetSession Interface Client get on my computer?

Most people discover the program on their computer by accident and are surprised because they never installed it consciously. Others are surprised that free GBs of hard disk space is suddenly missing. Some see a process called netsession_win.exe or netsession_mac in Task Manager.

The all-clear can be given here because the Akamai NetSession Client is often installed as an addition to traffic-intensive programs. For example, installing TuneUp Utilities or even antivirus suites can carry this software along. Software like Apple QuickTime and Adobe are even dependent on the program. If you want to check what has already been saved on your own computer, you can go to the folder C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Akami\Cache.

How to Remove Akamai NetSession Client

There should be no problems removing the Akamai NetSession Interface. Tools like CCleaner are not necessary, but helpful. Go to the control panel to remove the client via the program management. You can do this on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Just go to the name of program or tool installed on your PC on “Add or remove programs,” right-click on it, and then select the ‘remove’ option

If there are unexpected problems, third-party uninstaller software to successfully remove the indelible program from your PC. If this method also fails, please contact the nearest software expert.

Is the Akamai Client a virus?

Due to the fact that the software is installed in the background, the first impression is: Is Akamai a malware?

Don’t panic, it’s legitimate software. The manufacturer itself writes about this:

NetSession Interface is secure and contains no spyware, adware, or viruses. The application does not collect or transmit personal information, nor does it harm your computer. Its purpose is to increase the speed, reliability, and efficiency of downloads and streams.

NetSession Interface runs in the background and uses a small amount of your computer resources or upload bandwidth when you are not actively downloading content. The computer performance should not be significantly affected.

Final words…

It should always be borne in mind that software that is running in the background always poses a security risk. It is, therefore, our recommendation to do without this client and to uninstall it as described above. So, always pay attention to the software or program running on your PC. Always download software from genuine websites as third-party websites may have malicious adware that gets into the system without your acknowledgment.

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