With online casino games available on mobile and console video games creating new innovative games regularly, people have fewer and fewer reasons to play mobile games. This is especially more so as most mobile games aren’t meeting the current high standards set by the current technological innovation.

Statistics show that the signs of this stagnation began showing when the same top mobile games of 2012 were still at the top in 2015. So, if mobile games have become stagnant, what are the causes? In this paper, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind the slow growth and consumption of mobile games.


People Are Mostly Interested in Free Mobile Games

Unlike console games which you have to pay for before you can play, mobile games are downloadable for free on mobile app stores. Some mobile games are completely free, some have features you have to play in order to use and others have levels you have to unlock with money.

In most cases, mobile game players continue playing the free levels and with the features, they can use them for free. This makes it hard for mobile game providers to make huge budgets and develop innovative quality games as there is no guarantee that they’d make this money back.

This doesn’t mean that the mobile gaming industry doesn’t make money from the way it operates. However, it might not be enough to take a risk and make compelling new games in line with the current technological advancements.

It’s Hard to Find New Games on Mobile App Stores

New games hardly get recognised by mobile app stores. Why is that? This is mostly because the algorithms on mobile app stores favour games that are already doing well. When you go to the game section of these apps, the top of the list will have popular games.

This means that the developers that are already making money get richer and new developers would probably not make much from their games. Statistics also show that around 13% of the millions of apps featured on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are games.

How does this contribute to the issue of stagnation in this market? Developers are discouraged from creating new and better mobile games, which means players have lesser expectations and therefore slow growth.

Unlike Blackjack and Poker Casino Game Players, Mobile Gamers Have Low Expectations

Casino players who are looking for a complete blackjack basic strategy guide to find the best sites to play, have high expectations of online casino games. Many mobile gamers don’t expect it to be good because it’s often criticised as not being real gaming.

Mobile game players are not very sensitive to these titles. So instead of writing intense reviews, they simply uninstall games they don’t like and install better ones. This doesn’t give developers much feedback on what players are really looking for.

This means for as long as things are this way, the stagnation will continue until this market is given a little shake that can help restructure the way things are done.

Not Enough Storage on Mobile Devices

Storage space on mobile devices is limited. They aren’t just for games but also for many other apps people use daily. Though there are phones with ample space, their cost is an issue. This means that developers have to consider storage space when making mobile games.

This limits them from being more innovative and adding more features. On top of that, they’d only be catering to a few players if they target 1TB storage smartphone owners.

Touch Screen Controls Limit Players

The ability to play 3D games on smartphones has been a great improvement from the 2D games on the small screens of Symbian OS phones of yesteryear. However, smartphone touch screens aren’t big enough to have the control keys there and not destroy gameplay.

Some developers do make efforts and develop games with seamless controls that’ll let you play without destruction. Otherwise, players can also use a phone specifically designed to play mobile games.

This type of device comes with shoulder buttons that regular smartphones don’t have.

Let’s Hope the Future is Looking Brighter for the Mobile Gaming Market

The visibly high growth of online casino, PC and console games have made us aware that that of mobile games is rather slower. At this rate, one can argue that there’s no movement at all in this market. However, given that it’s still in existence and there’s consumption within, there’s room for improvement.

The issues that are faced by this part of the gaming industry can be solved as nothing is impossible. If every part that contributes to the production and consumption of mobile games needs to be looked at, then so be it.

The most important thing is opening up the market to new developers and giving players space to voice out their views. Thus, there’d be space for new ideas, room for new games to be recognised and growth within the market.

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