Meta’s Threads have created a rage with millions of downloads in such a short span of time. This new app developed by the Instagram team allows users to share text updates and join public conversations.

Since you’ve ended up on this tutorial, there’re strong chances that you have already signed up for Threads and decided to give it a long shot. Hence, without delaying further, let’s keep tabs on getting more followers on Threads and increase your popularity on this social media craze.

This guide shares effective tips and strategies to engage more people and make the most out of it. So, keep scrolling and take hold of this new kid on the block.


Can You Find Your Instagram Followers on Threads?

Yes, definitely. Since Threads is linked to Instagram, it seamlessly transfers your Instagram followers to the platform, thus giving a clear advantage to those with a massive following.

All of these people will get a notification as soon as you sign up for the new app. Most will either follow you back or get added to the followers list automatically once they decide to follow their Instagram lists.

When signing up for Threads, you have the option to follow the same lists you have on IG. However, this feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals who already have a substantial following on Instagram. But what about others who are not so popular on Instagram? Can they get more followers on Threads? If yes, then how?

Read the guide and find answers to all these queries in no time. Follow the tips carefully and become famous on this rapidly growing social media app.

The 3 Powerful Tips to Gain More Followers on Threads

Are you ready to increase your followers on Threads? Scroll through the instructions and follow them religiously to make the most of this platform. Let’s check them now.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to gaining more followers not only on Threads but on all social media platforms. Post frequently to maximize your presence and share fresh content. Unleash your creativity, and do not just share old, boring texts or thoughts.

Take a sneak peek into the app’s capabilities and features and post something captivating and engaging. Utilize the live features to your advantage and create posts to generate interest. The more you write on the site, the more you get attention from people. Try and aim for a post every few hours while the site is in its infancy. Make the most of your talent and showcase your writing style to the world.

Be mindful of posting long threads that can add value to your content. Add a photo or GIF to every post, as it develops a visual interest while standing out your post from a sea of small blocks of tweets.

  • Quality matters the most

Although it’s advised to post frequently and maintain posting consistency, don’t forget about the quality, as it’s the only factor that can help you sustain the competition in the long run.

Content is king – and this phrase is 100% true for threads or any other social media platform. If you want to boost your followers on Threads, post high-quality content that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Do not copy-paste other people’s thoughts and opinions, as nobody is nuts or crazy these days. Share more and more photos or memes, or infographics that resonate with your audience. Do not go off limits otherwise, your efforts will go in vain, leaving you empty-handed.

Use your sense of humor or communication skills to create your content. Overall, you should post something that gives other users a valid join to follow you.

  • Get Verified

Nothing is best than getting verified on Threads, as that “blue” tick will always separate you from the crowd. And thankfully, Threads doesn’t adhere to a specific timeline for account verification. Instead, it uses algorithms to evaluate the verification eligibility.

If you are IG-verified, then you are in a treat, as obtaining verification on Threads will be then a straightforward process. It’s no denying that a verified account always creates more attention and gains followers. Hence, don’t wait any further. Check Threads verification eligibility and get verified as soon as possible.

Can I buy followers on Threads?

Looking for a shortcut? Well, there’s no need to, as the above-mentioned tips will help you kickstart your Threads journey with ease. However, if you still want to know if you can buy followers on Threads, then the simple answer is NO.

Any service or site purporting to offer guaranteed paid followers on Threads is likely lying or a scam, as the platform doesn’t support cheating or paid followers. Remember that while it may be tempting to take a shortcut and buy followers, we don’t recommend this strategy. Rather, you should build a genuine following on Threads. Although it is time-taking, the process is absolutely worth it and safe.


Getting followers on Threads takes time and effort; hence, you should never lose your cool when carrying out the process. Your follower count will grow organically over time as you consistently post valuable content and engage with your audience. Do not think of cheating, as Thread doesn’t support fake or paid followers.

That’s all about the guide. We hope our tips and tricks will help you streamline your Threads journey. For more Thread-related information, bookmark the page and keep visiting the website regularly.

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