Setting a separate password for SIM cards can help thwart anyone’s attempts to use your SIM on another device, thus giving ultra privacy and safety. But what if you need to switch phones and forget the password? Or what if you keep out of carrier limitations and unlock your SIM card without seeking their assistance?

Well, if you get stuck in any of these situations and looking for help, you are in luck and have ended on the rightmost link. The guide explains everything about using a website called SimNeverLock that may help you deal with these situations easily. Moreover, the site is 100% free, making it worth trying. Shall we dig deeper?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using SimNeverLock

Since you have ended up on this write-up, we assume that you know everything about SimNeverLock. But in case you missed it, SimNeverLock is a web-based tool to unlock your SIM card for free. It requires a few details to get started, including your phone’s IMEI number. The tool is available for free and strictly adheres to legal instructions and guidelines.

Here’s how to use SimNeverLock.

  • Enter the official URL of the SimNeverLock website in the web browser of your choice.
  • Please enter the information needed to start the unlock process. It includes the IMEI number and email id.
  • You can then toggle the options like Security Check and Dedicated Proxy, based on your preferences.
  • Finally, tap on the Unlock button, and the process starts automatically.
  • Be patient, as it might take a few seconds or minutes to complete the process. Also, when you click the Unlock button, it indicates that you agree to their terms and conditions. Hence, you should read them once before getting into this whole unlocking process.

Is SimNeverLock safe?

Those who have faced iPhone Sim Not Valid or Android SIM Locked problems for the first time must be wondering if SimNeverLock is safe to unlock their devices. And the answer is Yes, it is.

SimNeverLock strictly adheres to all the legal guidelines, thus keeping your information safe and secure. Moreover, it never stores any of your details and thus follows a no-strings-attached approach to keep users’ information secure.

Moreover, it also follows RSA and AES encryption standards to safeguard all your inputs. It assures that you won’t be spammed and get results in no time.

However, before you start using the website, be mindful that not much information is available about this site, making things a bit shady for new users. Hence, you are advised to scroll through its terms and conditions first and only then start using it to avoid any last-minute surprises.


Nothing is worst than a locked sim. But not anymore, as now you can unlock your devices in a few simple taps. Get your phone’s IMEI number first, and then start using the site right away. It keeps your data safe and intact and is valid for both Android and iOS devices alike. So, look no more, and follow the steps above to unlock your SIM card instantly.

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