Imagine you are all set to stream your favorite movie or play your desired track and suddenly you internet starts buffering. Sounds disastrous? Well, indeed, it is. We are living in the world of super-fast internet connectivity with advanced technology where the only thing we need is continuous internet.

The router plays an integral role when it comes to stable internet connection. If your home is connected to Netgear’s Orbi, it might be possible you are facing Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue. There could be several reasons contributing to this, including software issue, server troubles, hardware damage and many more. But don’t worry, the problem is temporary and can be fixed in a few simple steps.

Ahead we have mentioned some practical methods to fix the Orbi Guest WiFi not working trouble. Scroll through them and get rid of the problem now.


The Major Reasons Behind Orbi Guest WiFi not working Issue

While the Orbi not connecting or working is a common issue, it’s still recommended to learn why your router generates Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue before jumping into the solutions. Here are mentioned a couple of them.

  • Hardware Damage: The primary issue why your Orbi router isn’t working properly is the hardware trouble. The router cannot connect the internet if it has some hardware damage. Hence, before you move into any complicated solution, it’s good to check all the wires and other hardware items properly. 
  • Software Troubles: Sometimes you face the Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue because of the minor software glitch at the server’s end. There’s not much you can do about this problem except restarting the router once or twice.
  • Compatibility: Another primary reason is that your device might not be compatible with the Orbi router, thus reflecting the Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue.

Whatever the reasons are, you can easily fix the trouble without putting in much effort. Follow our solutions below and say goodbye to the Orbi Guest WiFi not working for good. Check them out now.

Fix “Orbi Guest WiFi not working” Issue with 5 Simple Methods

Let’s now move on to the best methods to fix the Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue. Follow them sequence wise and resolve the error permanently.

1.      Restart the Orbi Router

The simple and easiest method to get rid of Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue is to restart the Orbi router. It might help you resolve minor technical glitches and bugs, thus allowing your device to connect with the router properly.

Here’s how to restart the router.

  • Turn off the device and wait for at least five minutes.
  • Finally, turn on your device and check if the problem fixes. If not, then move on to other steps and fix the issue.

2.      Reset your network settings

If restarting the router doesn’t help, it’s good to reset your network settings and see if it helps. Check all the internet settings and ensure that your router is appropriately connected to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Follow the steps below to reset your network settings easily.

  • Go to the Settings and click on WiFi.
  • Select your network connection and tap on Forget Network.
  • Wait for a few seconds and reconnect to the network again. Check if your Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue resolves and still lingering around.

3.      Check your cables

Are you still facing the Orbi Guest WiFi not working error when connecting to the router? Worry not and check the cables to see if there’s any hardware damage. Sometimes, damaged cables also lead to router troubles, and it is pretty common.

Hence, check all the wires connected to the router appropriately. If you find any of the damaged ones, replace with them with new cables and start reconnecting the system. We hope this method will resolve the issue for good.

4.      Run the Windows Network Troubleshooter

Yet another way to get rid of the Orbi Guest WiFi not working trouble is to run the Windows Network Troubleshooter. Wondering how does it help? Performing the troubleshooter refresh all the settings and handle minor bugs automatically.

Here’s how to carry out the process.

  • Launch the Search box on your PC and enter Internet Connections.
  • Select “Find and Fix network problems” and it will instantly open a small window on the screen.
  • Click Advanced to view other options.
  • Then, select Run as administrator button and select the Apply Repairs automatically option.
  • Click on Next, and the troubleshooter will start running.
  • It will check for any bugs and fix it automatically.

5.      Install Firmware Updates

Last but not least method to get rid of the Orbi Guest WiFi not working issue is to install firmware updates. Note that firmware is an essential component for any router; hence, you should always check if your firmware is up to date or not.

Although these updates install automatically and require no intervention, if they are not, simply follow the steps below and install updates manually. This might help you fix router troubles for good.


So, these are some of the practical solutions to get rid of the Orbi Guest WiFi not working error. We hope our guide will help you fix the problem without seeking any expert guidance or professional assistance. However, if you still face problems even after adopting all these approaches, feel free to connect with us in the comments below. We will look into the trouble and help you in your hour of need.

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