Here, I explain to how to turn off and also Roku many users of the Roku box have been asking how to turn the device off and also depend on which version you use of Roku and Roku owner, you may find yourself stumped when you look for the off switch. Roku says it left out the off button to make it easy to install updates and also little black box also uses little power when in standby mode.

How to Turn Off Roku 4


Step 1: Roku 4 has a new feature that allows you to turn off the box.

Step 2: Select Settings > System > Power.

Step 3:  Auto power off.

Step 4: Automatically power off the Roku after 30 minutes.

Step 5: After System Restart.

Step 6: Completely shut down the Roku.

Step 7: Done.

Roku 3

Roku 3 and lower boxes do not have power button or other way in the software to shut it completely down after you can unplug it from the wall and that would really be the only way to remove power from it and go into a power saving mode after about 30 minutes of inactivity but will never turn completely off and you are about saving energy and you want another way to turn off the Roku without having to pull the power cord a good option would be to purchase a Smart Strip power strip. Smart Strip, you could use your TV as the power controlling device.

Here, a complete guide for How to Turn off Roku and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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