Gaming is one of the most exciting pastimes and people get a reprieve from playing both online and offline. In a 2019 survey by ESA (Entertainment Software Association), 78% of gamers said video games are mentally stimulating and also offer stress relief.

The easy access to action, adventure, casino video games, puzzle games and other gaming categories has seen more people embrace this activity. Whether you’re gaming for fun, to unwind or you’re a professional gamer, it’s advisable to always look after your health.

Gaming is an intense exercise that taxes both your body and mind. It’s easy to find gamers going on for hours without a break and this leads to adverse health outcomes. Hydrating is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy when gaming.

This post looks at the vital place of hydrating in gaming to ensure you stay healthy.


What’s Hydration?

For the human body, hydration refers to the intake of adequate amounts of water for basic physiologic functions. Your body needs a lot of water to carry out critical functions such as temperature regulation, removal of body waster, protecting your tissues, spinal cord, and joints, the formation of blood plasma, detoxification, digestion, brain function and much more.

It’s easy for a gamer to get engrossed in the action and forget to eat or drink for long sessions.  Health experts have raised concerns over the poor eating habits witnessed among gamers and other internet users.  Whether you’re enjoying a poker game or the latest action-adventure multiplayer game, you need to have water or another healthy drink by your side.

Optimizing your Gaming Experience

The beauty of gaming is to keep winning and this demands a lot of concentration and effort from your body and mind. With time, your output will decrease if your body doesn’t get the nourishment it requires. During long sessions of gaming, there’s a big risk of getting dehydrated.

Dehydration can result in:

  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling dizzy/ lightheaded
  • Confusion
  • Little/No urine
  • Muscle cramps or spasm
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Poor coordination
  • Poor skin turgor

All these symptoms lead to low concentration. You’ll notice a slump in the quality of your game. For instance, if you’re participating in an eSports tournament, you might lose out on a big chance to win.

When playing casino games, you need total concentration for your gaming strategy to work. Any wrong move can cost you a lot by wiping your entire bankroll. As you review the best platforms to use from Sugarhouse Online Casino, make sure you add water or other healthy drinks to your must-have gaming items.

Even when there’s no prize to win, losing demoralizes you and this is a good reason to hydrate as you play. Whatever kind of game you’re playing, staying hydrated should be part of your winning strategy.

Boosting Visuomotor Performance

When your body gets enough water, there’s a boost in visuomotor Performance. Visuomotor skills are critical when playing intense games. These skills refer to the cooperation between your body’s visual systems, nervous and proprioceptive systems. This coordination helps you achieve goals.

Visuomotor skills play a role in gaming success. They combine different neural, mechanical and sensory components and all these help your strategy to work.  If you continue playing without hydrating, this affects your visuomotor Performance, and ultimately, you end up losing the game.

Final Thoughts

Whether you love eSports, casino games, MMOs or any other games, always consider your health when gaming. Many players overlook hydration when gaming. They feel this is a distraction and need every second to focus on the game. Unfortunately, failure to hydrate will eventually cost you the game due to poor concentration, headaches, dizziness and other health issues. Want to keep winning? Make sure you hydrate when gaming.