Here, Craigslist App best for android because Craigslist for Android will not only help you find what you need but also allow you to sell what you don’t and even track your postings while on the go with the handy Craigslist app for Android that Is best for all time.

Craigslist App is one of the best places where we can buy or sell things online and also looking for household devices, clothes, apartments and the advantage of this site is that it’s available on Android through many apps. All these apps provide the basic functionality of viewing listings and posting your own advertisement that is best for Craigslist App.

Craigslist App differences in these apps in terms of their loading time, features, and ease of use and Craigslist apps in the Google Play Store and see below guide to best Craigslist App available download in your android phone.


Best Craigslist App for Android

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone running on a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat and performed well and were extremely fast see below list.

1. CNT Craigslist App

CNT Craigslist app is will fit the bill nicely and quite simple and works fast after some issues with viewing images. CNT Craigslist app worked great while using a good quality WiFi connection but struggled to load ads on a 3G network that is best.

Features of CNT Craigslist app

  1. Search an ad up to 4 cities at the same time.
  2. Post an AD.
  3. Save your
  4. Notification of new postings in your saved searches.
  5. Save a posting or multiple postings in your favorites list.
  6. Share a posting or multiple postings via SMS or email.
  7. Best.

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2. Craigslist Checker

Craigslist Checker has the most hideous interface we have ever seen in an app and designed in MS Paint and also its reliability and speed. The ads load with amazing speed and are easily displayed. The images all load quite fast that is best Craigslist app.

Features of Craigslist Checker

  1. Save and reuse fully configured searches.
  2. Search can be set to display only new results.
  3. Adult section of Craigslist is open.
  4. Save postings to your favorite.

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3. Mokriya Craigslist App

Mokriya Craigslist App is the best looking Craigslist app for Android and interface oozes of quality and the design yet beautiful and some premium features which are locked behind a small fee but they do not get in the way of basic functionality that is best.

Features of Mokriya Craigslist App

  1. 70 countries and 50 states of the USA.
  2. Finding apartments on an interactive map.
  3. App looks sleek.
  4. Search by age.

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4. CPro Craigslist Client

CPro Craigslist Client everything great and image viewing to interactive maps after CPro nails down the Craigslist experience perfectly. Photo previews, notifications, map browser, photo wall, you name it that is best.

Features of CPro Craigslist Client

  1. Multi-city
  2. Robust map
  3. Photo gallery is ideal for window shoppers.
  4. GPS based auto location.
  5. Zoom able full screen photos to investigate easily.

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5. City Shop

City Shop are just view advertisements and buy stuff and City Shop is very much the best app and require to sell stuff or post a list yourself after that is another story that is best all time.

Features of City Shop

  1. Robust map
  2. Photo gallery is ideal.
  3. GPS based auto location.
  4. Zoom able full screen.
  5. View advertisements.

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Now completed guide for Best Craigslist App for Android and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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