Here, I explain the best way to dry a wet phone and you decided to jump into the Swimming pool with your phone? And then got up and it slid right into the toilet? No matter what happened to your phone to get wet and there is still hope for your phone. Here best chance to live on below Steps that is very easy all time.

Best Way to Dry a Wet Phone

Best Way to Dry a Wet Phone


Method 1: Power of Now

Here, the first method to Power Off Now and not so much the water that damages electronics but the short that can happen if you power them on when they are still wet after Keep your phone off until you know it’s totally dry that is the best way.

Method 2: Shake it out

Here, second tips for Aggressively shake the water out of the phone as best you can to get all of the water you possibly can out of the phone and also rest your phone that is best for all time.

Method 3: Disassemble

Now, third tips for Taking the case off, headphones, SD card, SIM card, battery and any other items that might be attached to your phone. Disassemble your phone. If you need directions on how to take your phone apart, do a Google search that is best steps for all time.

Method 4: Blow

Here, Blow means you are using a vacuum, blower or your own breath to blow water out of the nooks and crannies of the phone and also after you have manually blown as much as you can after then leave the phone in front of a low running fan for 48 hours that is best all time.

Method 5: Force Dry

The last tips for your phone in 2 quarts of one the following tips can expedite the process of drying your phone and alternative to leaving the phone in front of a fan like Silica Gel, Kitty Litter, Instant Oatmeal, and Instant Rice that is best for all time.

Now, you follow above steps to very easy your phone will fully recover without issue and completed this guide for Best Way to Dry a Wet Phone and you read this guide very helpful for you.