Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the popular online streaming services worldwide that only offer English content but also a great collection of Spanish movies and TV series. But not all can pay for its costly monthly subscription fees. That is why free movies and TV series sites are getting popular these days. Most of the sites are available in English but Spanish viewers don’t have to be upset as there are many Spanish movie streaming websites, for instance, Repelisplus.

Repelisplus is an already popular and well-established free Spanish streaming site. There was a time when this site was banned by the government and ISPs but as of now, Repelisplus can still be accessed at The movies and series on Repelisplus are available in Spanish and English movies and shows are also available with Spanish subtitles. The video quality, servers, UI, and everything about this site is great and that’s what makes this site one of the best free sites to watch Spanish movies and shows for free.

RepelisPlus is also available for Android as an app so, users can enjoy it’s all catalog on your mobile phone. But there are many more sites like RepelisPlus where you can also enjoy Spanish series and movies for free. Here, we are going to tell you many similar sites like RepelisPlus.


The Best Alternatives to RepelisPlus to Watch Movies and TV Shows in Spanish for Free 2021

HD Full TV

One of the best alternatives to RepelisPlus is HDFull TV. The name is quite simple and easy to remember, but it is an excellent option to watch Spanish series and movies. Upon entering what we find are many ways to filter multimedia content. We can select a new series, new movies, or go directly to the section of new chapters of the favorite programs that you follow.

After getting the title of the series or the movie you want to see, you have two options i.e. watch it online thanks to its built-in player or download the video from the list of available servers. You can select the one that you like the most or that generates confidence. Regarding advertising, during the search for the video we want to see it does not interfere, but when activating the streaming video, pop-up windows of ads are generated that we recommend closing immediately to load the content faster.

In the download links, there will always be short URLs that generate more ads, by complying with the captchas you can have your link to download the video in less than a minute.

Series Danko

With a slightly precarious and perhaps old-fashioned interface, Series Danko is among the best RepelisPlus alternatives that have survived for many years from any part of the world. It is an almost infinite catalog in which you can watch a lot of Spanish movies and series that are available in Series Danko.

Despite being “reliable” and having a lot of content, the problem is that it costs a lot to get a fast playback in Series Danko, in fact, you could say that it just doesn’t happen easily, we would have to test server by server until we find what works for enjoy our series or movie for free. The advertising is intrusive enough that you almost regret being on the platform, be careful of the pop-ups that remain open, they can bring you problems.

Series Gato

If you are an AdBlock user, Series Gato forcefully warns you that you are not welcome on its platform until you deactivate it. After overcoming this improvisation, you find a very organized interface and in a very friendly way with the users. we really liked it, considering that it is one of the few that filters the series according to those that are in emission and those that have already ended.

As an alternative to RepelisPlus, we see that it has a very useful search engine, it is easy to find what you want along with a lot of interesting suggestions that you can consider. But keep in mind that Series Gato is only about series, don’t look for movies because you won’t find them. It uses Openload for streaming and download links, be careful with the preview of the player, it does not work until you select the chapter, until then, it will only be advertising with what you find. The download links are arranged in a box with details of the video file, such as quality and language.


Vidcorn is the alternative to RepelisPlus in which we have found many interesting things. A very complete catalog of series and films maintained by a community of subscribers that has seduced us and of which you can also be a part of. However, they host adult content which many users may find inappropriate. Something is very bad taste considering that these are websites that children and adolescents enter.

New titles are recorded content from the cinema, but films that are not as old and with more time in the archive are of excellent quality. We appreciate the filter to choose the host, the language, and the quality, it facilitates the search for the independent servers that feed the portal.


Last but not least alternative to RepelisPlus is PepeCine. The site can be accessed at even if you find another domain link, it will redirect to a common one so there is no problem. The experience is very simple, you don’t need much knowledge to move around in this movie streaming site that does not allow downloading in all the movies and series in the catalog, but we think that the playback is very stable and of quality.

Advertising is not so intrusive on PepeCine, in fact, that’s a plus point about it. The community chat option is really an amazing feature. You can ask questions and the one that is active will help you with your dilemma.