Despite the fact that the online gambling industry wasn’t that popular in Canada before, today, things are different. A change in the gambling law has opened the door for a lot of new iGaming operators to be available in the country. Some of them have world-class services and provide different perks, whereas others pay attention to several other things besides their sections.

Aside from the different features, a lot of websites are interested in casino bonuses and want to offer as many different variations as possible. Although there are several big companies that have such things, the casino Casumo bonus is often used as an example because of the different perks. Most people who want to know how to get a casino bonus want to learn everything about it, but others make mistakes that can cost them money. Therefore, this article will share more details about a few things that users need to be aware of.

Canadians should be careful regarding the currency

One of the common mistakes made by a lot of online gambling fans in Canada is regarding the casino bonuses’ currencies. Since most of the big iGaming brands are also available in a lot of other countries, not all of them have adjusted their promotions. Consequently, Canadians may have to use a different currency, or they could make deposits in CAD but receive the reward in different currencies.

The good news about this mistake is that people can avoid it by reading the in-depth Terms and Conditions. This is definitely something that takes time, so many gamblers will prefer not to go for it. However, those who read everything will know whether the promotion is in CAD, USD, EUR, or a different currency.

Failing to meet the minimum bet or deposit requirements

There are many different kinds of casino bonuses you can choose from. Some are better than others, but if you take a look at their terms, you will realize that many of them require a deposit or a bet. Sadly, no deposit bonuses are not common in Canada.

The fact that some bonuses require deposits or minimum bets is not problematic, but usually, those deals have minimum requirements that people need to meet. Therefore, those who do not meet the conditions will be unable to use the specific deal.

The worst thing about failing to meet those requirements is that Canadians who want to use this offer will need to make a second deposit or place another bet. In other words, they may end up spending a lot more money than planned.

Not adhering to the wagering requirements

Canadians, as well as gamblers from other parts of the world who want to use online casinos, should know that they can’t withdraw the money they win right away. Depending on the company, there are different rules that users need to follow, one of which is the wagering requirement. Some casinos may use a different term for it, but this thing will allow players to make a withdrawal and get the bonus funds after they use the amount the required times.

Depending on the Canadian casino, some websites will require people to use that amount 50 times, but this number could be even higher. Sadly, some gamblers forget about this rule and decide to make a withdrawal request as soon as they get the bonus, thinking that they can pull out both. 

Needless to say, this is not the case. In fact, once the casino notices that you are trying to make a withdrawal request before completing the playthrough rule, it will remove the bonus funds or free spins you have in your account. In other words, you could have made a special deposit just to get the bonus, and you will lose it without even using it. 

Canadians may get a promotion for different sections

A lot of the big Canadian online casinos also have a lot of different sections on their website. Depending on where clients reside, they can bet on sports, use virtual sports, and even play poker against some of the best in the world. This is a big plus, and the websites offering those services ensure people with the bonus they need. With that said, this could cause problems because Canadians may decide to use one of the offers that is not available for the specific section.

In most cases, gambling websites with multiple betting categories will also have a promo section, where the bonuses will be divided based on the option they focus on. Sadly, some sites in Canada haven’t created such things yet, meaning that users can choose from one giant pool of offers. Of course, reading the T&C will show you whether the specific deal can be used for the casino, sports, or something else, but since a lot of people do not read it, they can make a mistake.

The bad news is that these mistakes are expensive because the iGa

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