As the name of this website suggests, Cuevana2 or Cuevana 2 is the successor of Cuevana. It is an online streaming website that targets the Spanish-speaking audience. The content mentioned on this website is available with Spanish subtitles. Viewers will also find many movies and TV series titles in Spanish dubbed audio as well. It offers all of its content in HD. Plus, Cuevana2 is totally free, and do not ask for registration. When we checked the site, we found that the movie and series catalog is in their original audio format. Still, Spanish users will find encoded Spanish subtitles for better understanding.

Similar to YouTube, users can adjust the quality of the video from 480p to 720p. Plus, you get a download option besides the setting option, which lets you download the movie or TV titles in HD for free. Without a doubt, Cuevana2 is one of the best free movie websites to access Spanish content. However, Cuevana2 is not the only option. Many sites allow users to download and watch Spanish movies online. Here, we are going to mention the best Cuevana2 alternatives in 2020.


Top Alternatives Cuevana2


This site could be your best option if you are willing to download Spanish movies, software, TV series, and much more. This Cuevana2 alternative comes with tons of great torrents and no annoying ads; torrent hound is the right choice. This site has a very nice-looking interface. The homepage looks extremely modern and has a very useful search bar. Speaking of the search bar, the site offers the convenience of searching torrents for magnetic links or categories. Torrent hound also shows different statistics such as the total number of available files, servers, visitors, views, downloads, and some other valuable data about the site.


Nothing happens if what you want is an alternative that is more similar to Cuevana2, but that allows you to watch your movies and series in Spanish. LimeTorrent is the option you have been looking for since it has an extensive catalog of content, where everything is organized and distributed through the official posters of each production. The way to access them is by selecting and downloading it, choosing the language or the available quality.

Besides, LimeTorrent also has the respective versions in the original language, in case you like to visualize your pieces, as well as those subtitled so as not to lose any of their essences. However, the content catalog here is quite small, compared to other proposals or the same Cuevana2. But if the previous ones have not worked for you because they do not have the production you are looking for, you could get it here since there is usually that difference between the servers.


This is another torrent site that could be the best alternative to Cuevana2. Just like Cuevana2, this site has some interesting past. In fact, this site was previously run by another domain called Meganova. Yes, exactly; SeedPeer is the successor to Meganova. In addition to the torrent repository, a lot has changed on the site since then. The site is much cleaner now. The interface is modern and really easy to navigate. The home page consists of a search bar and a set of categories mentioned at the bottom.


We are not going to say much about this page apart from the fact that it provides a huge torrent repository. TorrentDB definitely offers far more categories than any other page in this list. The best thing is that the interface is divided into different categories, which makes navigation all the easier. The collection of torrent files on this platform is really amazing. If you wish to download Spanish movies and series, then this could be your best option.

Torrent Paradise

The main reason you are going to love Torrent Paradise from the get-go is because of its download reconnection system. When your file gets staked for any reason, whether you went without internet or because there was a failure, it will take care of recovering it at the moment it is solved. But the best thing about it is that you will not have to start from the beginning since the download will recover at the last point where you left it to continue from there.

As if that were not enough, Torrent Paradise really is a paradise to download all the content you want in Spanish or other languages. From video games for all kinds of consoles and computers, specialized and recognized programs, Premium applications for cell phones and even complete operating systems, firmware for phones, and everything you can imagine. If you need a super complete option that has a little bit of everything for you, you should add this site to the list of Cuevana2 alternatives.

Iso Hunt

At any time during the visa, users need to download an ISO file. And it is that video games or operating systems are generally packaged in that extension, so you already have a good torrent from which to obtain them. This site has its own search engine where you only put the file name and a keyword, and hundreds of options will appear to choose from. Furthermore, security and quality are practically guaranteed, free of malware.

Watch movies and series, download them in 4K, get free programs and software, know the best options, and more with these alternatives to Cuevana2. If you think you can add more names to our list, then feel free to comment in the comment box. Any suggestion or feedback is welcomed.

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