No doubt, technology is something which is accelerating at an alarming rate with each passing day. And, nowadays, people can grab the smartest ones while spending decidedly less. For example, if you just take a glimpse of the latest money saving offers of CouponsMonk on gadgets and gizmos then you would undoubtedly agree with me.

Moreover, when it comes to human-safety, then the smart technologies do wonders! And, in today’s market, there are some such unique ones available through which you can make your both personal and professional life extremely secured.

Want to know about the same? Then, here’s a list of five such amazingly interesting ones!

Just have a look!


1: Octopus

Unless you are such an individual who works in the security department, you usually don’t get much concerned about the importance of various complex security systems present at places. Right? But, to keep your home or office secured it is quite significant to understand that.

And, Octopus is one such technology which is a Physical Security Management System (PSIM) that enables various organizations to potentially manage all kinds of security, logistical, and safety needs from one place.

This software can even interface with all sorts of security systems such as alarms, fraud prevention, alerts of cyber attacks and so on.

2: Drainware

Whether it is a small start-up or a massive enterprise, corporate espionage is a primary concern for each of such companies. But, in such a scenario, you can opt for the Drainware software line which alerts you to save the crucial stuff like personal profiles of the sensitive employee, bank account numbers, and product designs.

3: Bluebox

It has become a trend among the businesses to embrace the concept of ‘Mobilegeddon’ nowadays with open hands while incorporating various apps and links. Although they do so to skyrocket their business and make the website easy-to-use, still it certainly brings on more external applications and allow random devices to get access to the website which might create new chances of security breaches.

But, here, Bluebox comes into the picture! It is a security software which saves both the consumer and enterprise apps from infiltration. It means that the information which your customers would provide to you will remain safe and guarded.

4: Rudder

There is no doubt that certain circumstances might compel you to walk home alone at night. If so, then wouldn’t you prefer taking a route which is the best lit? Well, then, Rudder is there for you!

It is a mapping app which especially emphasizes on walking directions. The algorithms which are incorporated in this app calculate the shortest distance between two places. Also, it finds out which route has sufficient light present for a safe walk?

5: Driver’s Little Helper

When it comes to returning to the home safely with a baby then often there happen many accidents like the little one being able to escape out of the car seat, or the child being left in the car accidentally.

In such a situation, Driver’s Little Helper can help you immensely. It is an electronic monitoring system for which the working principle depends on an android or iPhone. With the help of the Bluetooth technology, this car seat monitors pad measures pressure, temperature, and movement.

This technology can fit in any car seat which is approved for babies and children of any weight. So, if you opt for Driver’s Little Helper, then you would be able to drive in a relaxed way while knowing that your darling is protected.

Your Turn

So, I hope this article has helped you to enlighten yourself about some of the incredibly innovative technologies that are present around now. Then, what are you waiting for? Just include these in the various sectors of your life, and it will ultimately let you lead a safe and secure experience in every way.

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