Those were the golden days we used to play any video on YouTube without any hurdle of ads. Then the popularity of the streaming services rose and seeing other similar platforms, YouTube also started the revenue by selling ads. But one skippable ad before the video is still not annoying and people used to accept that. But recently after YouTube announced its premium subscription service, the number of ads has increased to two and one of them is mostly not skippable. This is very annoying. Even if you have created a playlist of your favorite songs then after one video ends you will be walked through an ad.

Even while watching a long video or movie on this platform viewers are shown multiple annoying ads. It feels like we are watching it on cable TV. So in this article, we are going to tell you about a trick by which you will be able to watch YouTube videos without ads. This tool is a browser extension called AdBlock available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So now you get that this trick of watching YouTube without ads will work only on computers and laptops, mobile phones are not supported here.

Plus, with AdBlock installed on your browser, you will not see ads on any site you visit. So if you are downloading a movie or watching movies online then such sites show lots of popup ads but with AdBlock, not the single ad will be shown and no ad popup. You will be directed to the streaming or download page without any hurdle. You can download the video from YouTube and watch it without ads.

How to install Adblock on your browser to enjoy ad-free browsing

This is the step by step guide to install and use AdBlock on your browser. Although, there no-brainer in using this tool on your PC but new users must not feel any trouble so we follow this process given below:

Step #1 – The first thing you need to do is to download and add the extension to your respective browser. We have given the download link here.

Download AdBlock for Google Chrome

Download AdBlock for Mozilla Firefox

Step #2 – Click on “Add to Chrome” or “add-on for Firefox” and it will start to download and add automatically to your browser.

Now, you will be shown a page where you shall a complimentary donation to the developers of the AdBlock extension. Although you can use the AdBlock without spending a penny if you want to donate then you can pay through the page.

Step #3 – You will an icon of hand in your extensions raw and now you just open YouTube or any other site and you will see the magic. No ad will play before the video. You will not see even Google ads on any other website.

Note: While visiting some renowned sites you shall see a notification saying “you seem to use an AdBlocker app but we earn revenues by ads so in order to use the site please disable AdBlock for our site and then reload the page”. So to use some sites, you need to select “pause on this site” option to access a particular site.

But if you opt for the premium AdBlock version called AdBlock Plus then after clicking on “Pause for this site” you will be shown photos of dogs or cats instead of ads. If you have already made a donation then you can use the AdBlock premium by entering your email address.

Final Words:

So this is how you can enjoy a seamless browsing experience without ads. With AdBlock, enjoy YouTube premium for free and enjoy YouTube without any ads. There are many other similar extensions available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but this is the tool we found more efficient and reliable. So just visit any site without facing annoying ads. If you know any better tool than AdBlock then let us know in the comment section and we will make a tutorial guide on it.