In this day and age, online shopping is becoming an everyday thing for some of us. Online platforms, such as Amazon, save us a lot of time when we are shopping. We no longer need to head to the mall or hardware store to get our purchases. These shops are great for last-minute items like Christmas gifts for instance. For all these reasons and many more, people started using Amazon to buy all the products that they need, yet so many of them are not aware of a few tips and tricks that can enhance their experience.

Free Shipping

Did you know you can receive a free shipping option in your account? All you need to do is subscribe to Amazon Prime. After subscribing, the website gives you a free 30-day trial, which you can use to get free shipping. Just make sure to cancel your subscription before the 30th if you don’t want to pay for it for the next months. You can also use Prime Student, which will give you free shipping for six months straight. However, if you don’t want to have a free trial you can try to get free shipping through the total of your purchases. You can qualify for free shipping if the total of your purchases is over $35. If you’re about to pay for your products and find that you are a few dollars away from 35, you can always buy an inexpensive item that you will use, so you can get free shipping.

Jungle Scout

If you are going to shop online, you might as well use research software that can help you discover the latest products. There’s a lot of information available online about this research softwares. According to this Jungle Scout review, finds items that are similar to your taste, notifies you about sales, customizes your experiences based on your preferences, and gives you a well-rounded analysis of the product’s history and reviews. This way, you won’t have to jump from seller to seller to see which items are the latest and where you can save money.

Amazon Donates your Money

We all love doing our part when it comes to giving back to the community and helping those who are in need, which is why Amazon has created an option for you that allows you to donate some of your money to different charities. Not many are aware of this, but you can use the Amazon smile link Instead of using the regular link. When you use this link, the website will take 0.5% of your payment and donates it to one of the charities that you may choose.

Online shopping is not a new thing, and neither is Amazon, people have been using this website to buy items that they can’t find in the shops, for last-minute purchases, or because they are too tired to get out of their houses. However, despite the fact that this website has been around for a while, still to this day, there are many people who are not aware of a lot of tips and tricks that they could have used in the past.

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