YouTube has recently boomed with multiple vloggers coming up each day. If you are one amongst them, and if you know you have what it takes, you need to stand out amongst all to be recognized easily. Whether you are a baker, a dancer, a singer or an artist, all kinds of talents and subjects are openly welcomed on YouTube and thus it is one platform that can give you the complete freedom of pursuing what you dream of. But for that, you also need the best tools and equipment.

Right Camera

To start shooting a YouTube video, the most important tool you need is a camera that can record the highest quality footage for the best viewership. If you are concerned about the cost, you need not worry because you can absolutely find the right camera within your budget. But if you are confused and do not know what and how to choose one amongst the many options there are, we have got you covered.


Here are a few aspects you need to consider before choosing a camera:


Type of sensor used

One of the most expensive parts, but also one of the most important, a sensor used in a camera is responsible for delivering the image quality. The larger the image sensor is, the better low-light performance you can get. So, apart from shooting during the day, you can also film your videos with less or almost no light. Depending on your budget, you can check the type of sensor used and thus can determine the type of image quality you would receive and the amount of money you would need to pay.

Optical stabilization

Optical stabilization is a feature that is used to keep focus and clarity throughout the video when it undergoes any kind of movement. This feature has recently been sought after by many videographers and is one aspect that is looked for in a camera they would want to purchase. If you are going to use the camera hands-free, without a tripod, you should definitely look out for this feature.

High video quality

This is, of course, one aspect that catches the viewers’ attention. The higher the video quality is, the more enjoyable or more engaging it becomes. Low-quality or blurry videos are less opted for and you could easily lose the engagement of your audience. The least recording quality that you need to have in your camera ranges from 720p to 1080p to HD quality. Look out for these in the camera you choose.

Here are a few affordable cameras with the necessary features for you to pick from:

affordable cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

With a high-definition wide-angle lens, you could take wider shots in the best image quality that you can get for your videos. It also allows you to take the best-quality photographs apart from amazing video making. The built-in WIFI allows you to connect to multiple devices and share photos and video recordings automatically. This is one camera that allows you to be a photographer and a videographer all at once, due to the high image results. The 2X Professional Telephoto lens lets you capture the smallest of details, enhancing the quality of your shots.

Sony DSCHX80

Although it looks tiny, the Sony DSCHX80 offers one of the most powerful results, and within your budget, too. This camera is equipped with 1080p60 recording quality, which will offer you the highest image quality. With time-lapse and slow-motion features involved, you can play around a bit with your videos, giving them a creative edge. You would need to work it on the Sony app, but it is worth every bit of it. The feature of 5-axis image stabilization further enhances the game of your video making, along with sharing it to devices through the WIFI feature it carries. A playful flip-up screen allows you to view your video shooting with ease during the process.

Panasonic Lumix FZ50

Panasonic produces some of the best cameras, and this particular model performs amazingly for video recording. If you are looking for a camera for YouTube specifically, this model wins the game, also because it falls into the category of being one of the most affordable cameras for its features and performance. Comprising a 12x Leica DC Vario-Elmarit optimal zoom lens and optical image stabilizer in 2 different modes, this camera can capture frames with 17 different scene modes. It also carries an articulating screen and an electronic built-in viewfinder. With fewer adjustments and common settings to operate, a beginner could easily learn to use this camera.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

You might have heard and seen vloggers actively using GoPro to shoot their videos recently, but it was not so popular before. The previous version of the GoPro was not so successful, it is surprising to see the newer upgrade to be much more efficient and satisfactory. It carries an advanced stabilization system, along with a resolution of 12 MP. Shooting at 30 frames per second, you can achieve an image quality of full HD 240 FPS. A distinctive feature of it is that you can livestream your videos, or upload them on devices through the built-in WIFI feature.

Nikon D7200

Comprising unique features, the new Nikon D7200 stands out amongst its competitors. It contains both wireless technologies, WIFI and NFC. The optical low-pass filter helps to take the crispiest photos and videos. This model is also equipped with 24.2 MP CMOS picture sensors that make the image quality of your shots better. Another remarkable aspect is the battery life, which lasts 5 to 6 hours at a go.


These are a few budget-friendly suggestions for you to consider starting or upgrading your vlogging, because every tiny detail can lead your viewers to engage and share more, which will ultimately result in gathering more audience and followers. If you educate yourself enough on the right type of tools to invest in, you are one step ahead already. So go out there and make the best videos possible, and watch your following grow!

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