Owowpet is an online pet supply store that offers a wide variety of products for dogs, cats, and other pets. Their selection includes toys, treats, beds, apparel, grooming supplies, and more.

Let’s take a look at Owowpet, including an overview of the company, the products they offer, customer reviews from multiple sources, and an analysis of some concerns that have been raised about the company.


What Is Owowpet?

Owowpet states that they specialize in cross-border e-commerce services for the pet industry. On their website, they boast having an extensive end-to-end product line and integrated solutions addressing the differentiated needs of pet owners and pet businesses across diverse sectors.

The company showcases pet products with innovative designs and functionalities. Some of their popular items include interactive toys, elevated feeders, calming beds, grooming tools, travel accessories, and dental care products.

According to Owowpet’s website, they aim to provide convenience to pet owners through products designed to make daily pet care tasks simpler. They also emphasize building a community where pet enthusiasts can connect and learn about the latest trends.

Key Product Offerings

Here is an overview of some of Owowpet’s major product categories:


Owowpet has a wide selection of innovative toy designs to keep pets stimulated and entertained. Some examples include:

  • Interactive balls and flying discs with lights and sounds
  • Food puzzle toys and treat dispensers
  • Chew toys made from durable, pet-safe materials
  • Cat toys with catnip and feather attachments

Pet Furniture

This category features beds, crate pads, hammocks, steps, and perches designed for comfort and functionality. Products are made from soft yet durable fabrics.


These products are designed for convenience while traveling with pets. Examples include seat belt harnesses, carriers, bowls, and bags.


Owowpet offers specialized grooming tools like shedding gloves, deshedding brushes, nail clippers, ear cleaners, dental care items, and more.

Feeders and Waterers

Elevated, no-spill, and slow feed pet bowls can be found in this category, along with water fountains.

Customer Reviews from Multiple Sources

Customer feedback for Owowpet seems to be mixed, with some pet owners reporting satisfactory shopping experiences but others raising concerns about potential issues. Here is a summary of what customers are saying based on reviews aggregated from multiple sources:

Positive Reviews

  • Praise for unique and innovative pet product designs not found elsewhere
  • Good value for money on some items
  • Quick order processing and shipping
  • Products as described and good quality

Negative Reviews

  • Long shipping times (orders originating from China)
  • Difficulties getting responses from customer service
  • Wrong or damaged items received
  • Products not lasting long or not functioning as advertised
  • Credit card security concerns

While there are some positive reviews praising the uniqueness and affordability of certain Owowpet products, there seems to be an equal or greater number of concerning negative reviews related to shipping, product quality, and customer service.

Analysis of Scam and Fraud Allegations

Owowpet is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When investigating consumer complaints, the BBB considers many factors including the volume of complaints filed, unresolved complaints, and the adequacy of a business’s response to complaints.

While Owowpet has been gaining attention among pet owners, some questions have arisen regarding the legitimacy of the company. Various online review platforms and forums have posted warnings about Owowpet potentially being a scam or fraudulent business. Some of the main concerns that have been raised include:

Recent domain history

Owowpet.com was registered on November10, 2022 and has changed ownership multiple times in its short history. The current listed registrant and administrator is privacy protected through an intermediary domain registration service. Frequent domain ownership changes can signify risky business practices in some cases.

Lack of company information

There are no details available on who actually owns or operates Owowpet. The company does not provide a business address, phone number, or list of directors/executives on its website or social media pages. This lack of transparency is unusual for a legitimate retail business.

Pricing discrepancies

Some customers have found Owowpet’s discounted prices suspicious when unable to verify how the business can profit while selling at below-market prices. This is sometimes a red flag pointing to an illegitimate retail scheme.

Affiliate marketing tactics

Owowpet engages in affiliate marketing practices that some reviewers consider misleading, like posting affiliate links without disclosing they earn commissions.

Product quality and safety

There are concerns about false advertising and misrepresentation of products that do not match their descriptions. Some products reviewed as cheaply made, defective, or unsafe.

Unsatisfactory support

Many complaints relate to order issues, returns, and an inability to get assistance from Owowpet’s customer service team. Lack of support is problematic.

Third-party platform restrictions

Owowpet has been banned from advertising on certain large platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Policies can restrict businesses with suspicious activities.

While there are undoubtedly satisfied Owowpet customers, the number of concerns around transparency, product quality, safety hazards and insufficient support are impossible to ignore when evaluating if this company engages in ethical e-commerce practices.

Proceed with caution when considering ordering from Owowpet, as there are credibility gaps that need to be addressed by the merchant to rebuild trust in the brand. Conduct thorough research before purchasing to avoid becoming the victim of a potential scam or bait-and-switch scheme. Confirm return policies and guarantees in case a product needs to sent back for refund or replacement. Be wary of unclear company information, too-good-to-be-true prices, and lack of post-purchase support.

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