Studying takes a lot of focus and determination. With everything happening around us daily, students and learners are looking into technology to aid them in studying properly. Different companies like Microsoft have heeded the demand for helping different people study better. As a learner, getting every bit of help when you study can help you achieve the optimum results. As you set your learning goals, you can turn into technology to aid you in your needs and give you the ultimate support to ace every lesson you have. Knowing those creative windows features can make your task easier.


Taking notes is an effective strategy for students because it lets them transfer learning by writing their concepts and lessons over again. Rewriting is also an efficient way to help with memory retention and familiarization of concepts. OneNote is the app that Windows offers that mimic this kind of strategy and has a lot of other features to help create outlines and other notes. Since this is a digital app, you can include all kinds of data and multimedia files to help a learner be more organized with their ideas and thoughts. A user can create charts, different tables, equations, and even handwritten texts along with references you find on the internet. These are all effective and handy tools that will take note-taking to the next level.

Motivational Screensaver

Even simple pictures can motivate learners, especially if they ignite concentration and a refreshing feeling to someone looking at them. The great thing with windows is that you can use customized screensavers that can help learners focus by providing high-quality images. You can either choose your pictures or get the best screensavers for windows 10 from a wide range of choices online. High definition pictures of different sceneries, including a calming aquarium, fireplace, and other beautiful imagery from nature can make it easier for students to study. With these screensavers, learners can feel a sense of escape whenever they feel stressed out or a fresher environment for when they feel that their place is already toxic. Even a few minutes of looking at the screensavers as they move and animate can be enough for when they need a break.


Different learners need different ways of learning. Visual learners get better information when they watch short clips and videos. Most of the new generation learn more by watching their lesson, and most of them are eager in sharing their own as well. Flipgrid is a great app that will allow students to interact with each other by sharing their media over the internet. Teachers can simply post a topic, and the feedback from the students can be submitted in the form of a clip about their reaction and response. This is an exciting alternative to the traditional submission of documents and other files.

Studying aided by technology can become a great way for students to learn more while enjoying the process. They can be incorporated into learning strategies as a way to help the learner focus and stay motivated. These Windows features are great in helping learners do their best and achieve the most during their studying period.

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