If you are dealing in a business where you have a lot of paperwork then you may have to send such documents to business respective people in the digital format. For example, you may want to send the scanned copy of the invoice or the local written account details to your superior. Scanner machines are the easy solution but when you often work outside the office then you require a tool that is so handy to use. That’s where a mobile document scanner application can work like a charm. CamScanner is one of the most popular and most trusted docu scanner mobile apps right now. It is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. But these days there are lots of trends on social media regarding boycott Chinese apps and as CamScanner is believed to be from Chine, people are looking for its best replacement.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you some of the best similar applications to CamScanner to scan documents in high-quality on your mobile phone easily. These applications will allow you to scan any paper document and share them with any digital medium. Let’s find some of the best alternatives to CamScanner.


Microsoft Office Lens

The word processing giant is now also dedicated to scanning documents. With Microsoft Office Lens you can scan all kinds of important files. This is really one of the best alternatives to CamScanner. It was designed to be used in offices, schools, and universities since the idea are that you can scan your books, essays, homework, and magazines to study. And if you are one of those who do not like to make notes in the notebook, you can always take a picture of yourself on the board. Light reflections will be nothing to worry about.

You should not be sad if your cell phone’s camera is not that good, because Microsoft Office Lens will take care of adding some filters and use other automatic retouching tools to improve the quality considerably. Some report doing it with a 90% improvement, but this depends on the quality of the equipment. If you are still not convinced, the application saves the documents in a Word file (.docx) so that you can edit it later on your computer.


ScanPro can be one of the best document scanner applications for Android and iOS applications. It is mentioned among some of the best online magazines like the Deccan Chronicle and Beebom. This CamScanner alternative app is really light and easy to Install. With this document scanner app, users can scan all of types of documents including, cards, photos IDs, passports, business cards, and many more things. You can even scan any simple documents easily with this app.

This app has the feature of QR code so you will be able to send a scanned document with barcodes. It allows users to scan the multiple document photos in batch. Users can save the scanned photo in the device storage and they can also upload to cloud drive integration offered by the app. This alternative to CamScanner enables you to edit PDFs files and with OCR feature text can be dragged directly from them.

Clear Scan

The advantages that Clear Scan provides you go further than others of its kind. However, one of the most prominent is that batch scanning. And it is that, when you want to scan books, magazines, newspapers and other formats with multiple hours, you will only have to choose the perfect option and all the photos you take, they will be saved in the correct order. In the end, they will be together and organized in PDF format, ready to export it to the memory of your cell phone and always access it.

But remember that Clear Scan is a professional scanner, so it will first be in charge of correcting each image to make it as presentable as possible. The perspective corrector will adjust the photo until it is straight, in case you took it out of square. You can also take advantage of the edge eraser, a perfect tool to eliminate traces of broken or worn sheets, stains from use, among other spectacular opportunities that you only find in this app.

Document Scanner Pro

One of the benefits that Document Scanner Pro provides us and that place it as part of the best alternatives to Camscanner, is its internal text search engine. Regardless of whether the document is scanned or is an image, the application will analyze it completely to extract its written content. You only have to write the phrase or the word you want to search for and the app will automatically detect it so you can copy it to the clipboard.

To make matters worse, Document Scanner Pro can also extract it to make it a new editable document. If what you need is the image, but with perspective improvements, adequate framing, and good quality, then you have an option for it waiting for you. You can apply some quick filters to help you optimize the quality of your files and then export it in PDF format to send or save. It is one of the most complete and useful that you find on the market.

Tap Scanner

There are times when we have so much work to do that we just want to get the job done quickly. Tap Scanner will help you with that, as the distance between a good scan and quality is just a touch away. You just have to click on the camera, frame the image, scan the file, apply a quick fix to fix perspective, or framing errors and that’s it. The only thing left will be to export it in PDF format and share it with whoever you want or save it to the cloud. It’s quite simple.

Final words

These are some of the best free document scanner apps for Android and iOS devices. You just need to install any of these apps and you can scan and use optimum features of the theme. The Internet is full of such applications that can be alternative to CamScanner. Tell us which one did you like the most as each app has got distinctive features.