Before all of the torrent options even existed, KickassTorrent was already providing the world with a secure place to share free content. Everything has changed since then and there are greater limitations, but that does not mean that they have managed to beat this spectacular server. In it, you can find movies, series, cartoons, software for desktop computers, applications for smartphones, among other great options.

Besides, KickassTorrent is known for being one of the best torrent sites that will provide you with videogame catalogs for consoles and PCs. Its interface is very similar to that of Google since you will only have to hit your search through a bar arranged for it and then choose the result that has captivated you the most. Of course, we invite you to follow the KAT proxies link to avoid falling on KickassTorrent Proxy that contains malware and malicious files.


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Top Alternatives to KickassTorrent in 2021

The Pirate Bay

With the Pirate Bay, you will have a world of download possibilities to try. This proposal has been blocked in several countries around the world, but it has not been a limitation to be reborn as the proxies. And, it has managed to return through different servers so that you can enjoy torrent services anywhere in the world and all its benefits. That is why it is one of the best alternatives to KickassTorrent.

Meanwhile, The Pirate Bay has a catalog of options to download whenever you want. You find operating systems of all kinds of equipment. Movies and series online with the best quality and in different languages ​. Music albums are stupendous within this site, in addition to free games and computer programs. Of course, you should be careful with the advertising buttons everywhere, since it is not free of viruses and malware.


Being one of the alternatives to KickassTorrent that is exclusively dedicated to all types of files, RARBG has a special place in the web world of downloads. Now you don’t need to jump between one torrent and another to be able to find your complete or split heavy games in various containers. Even your important software are available and you only have to choose the basic specifications to start enjoying an incredible download.

Along with games and software, users can download movies and TV shows in high-quality. You will not see any fake torrent files on this site. RARBG became popular after the banned of major sites like and PirateBay and it has gained a loyal community that regularly check the torrent and comment on fake files.


It never hurts to have a good ace up your sleeve, because torrent links can be unstable, so it will be very useful to use Torrentz2. To start, with it you will be able to obtain completely free movies, files, and programs through links that will not expire at any time. As users download and replicate, there are more mirrors from which they can be reflected, so you will always have an alternative to choose and enjoy.

Torrentz2 can be a great similar torrent site like KickassTorrent because it is never going to get down and offers multiple download options from various torrent sites. Users just need to search for any title to file name in the search box and they are will be shown the results indexed on the site. Torrentz2 is actually a meta-search engine torrent site.

PopCorn Time

The time for popcorn has arrived. PopCorn Time is dedicated to providing download links for movies and series around the world. All are found in a range of qualities, ranging from 480px to 4K, depending on the possibilities available for the file and your needs. However, you should settle for seeing them in the original language, with some exceptions. But they are also subtitled to enjoy.

On the other hand, PopCorn Time has a very nice and elegant interface, quite similar to streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. In fact, it also transmits content through this technology and it is possible to view them online, via mirror links, or download them for viewing on your computer. The website is enabled to work also through the screen of smartphones, so it becomes a multi-platform proposal for fans. It is not a torrent site but if you are looking for entertainment through movies and TV shows then this can be a great alternative to KickassTorrent.


When it comes to YTS, movies are its biggest draw, as users often use it as a medium to download their favorite movie productions without having to suffer ambush by malware. As it does? has a team of supervisors and moderators, who are in charge of eliminating all the links that have cheating and deceptive viruses, so you will be sure that you are going to enjoy a safe means of downloading.

Actually, YTS is a new name of YIFY torrents. YIFY was known to provide high-quality movies with minimum file size in x264 Mkv. So, YTS can be one of the best alternatives to KickassTorrent when you want to download movies and TV shows in HD quality without worrying about the file size.


Not all of the sites we’ve introduced to you have ISO downloaders. However, this KickassTorrent is full of them. Finding programs, software, full discs, movies, ROMS, and all kinds of files that have the extension. ISO will be a task of a few seconds using this option. Although you can also find other types of files, in less quantity. Make IsoHunt a member of your add-on server list and you will never regret it.

If you are gaming, movies, and TV shows then you are going get a lot of stuff on this torrent site. Officially isoHunt is taken down but just like other popular torrent sites, you will find the working proxies of isoHunt on the internet very easily.

Torrent Paradise

The paradise of Torrents and downloads has reached the web, and this time, through a comprehensive service that presents you with a bit of everything. Finding computer programs and software is a few seconds walk. Through the search bar, you will only have to search for any title name and wait for the different results that are available. The same applies to video games, which by the way, there is a folder with many options, including the most modern consoles now.

If you are still not convinced, Torrent Paradise promises to position itself as one of the favorite proposals for users in the world of downloads. What stands out most of its services is that you also find movies and series, whether you want to watch them online and need to download them to view them on other devices at home. These features make this torrent site a great alternative to KickassTorrent.

Final words

Download files, movies, documents, series, ISO, RAR, software, applications, operating systems with these KickassTorrent alternatives. Some of them are exclusively dedicated to streaming audiovisual content, with interfaces similar to sites like Netflix and HBO Max. While others have a complete repertoire of other options, so you should start trying each one to see what they have for you.