Here, one question mostly people ask like how to disable fast user switching that is and Fast User Switching feature in Microsoft Windows 10 allows users to login to a PC while keeping other users logged in and their applications running and allows multiple users to use the computer without interrupting what other users are working on see more guide below Article.

Fast User Switching allows users to sign into a computer and other users are still signed in and advantage of not forcing other users to sign out before you can sign in with your own account and it does have some disadvantages.

Windows is using extra resources on them especially if they have left resource-intensive apps or background services active and other users are signed in you also cannot restart or shut down the PC without having them sign out or risk losing any open files they have not saved and you just have to make a quick edit to the Windows Registry or Local Group Policy Editor that is best all time.

Now you follow below steps to help enable and disable fast user switching using these steps see below.

Method 1 (Group Policy)

Step 1: Hold the Windows Key and press R to bring up the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Type gpedit.msc after then press Enter.

Step 3: This Local Group Policy Editor appears.

Step 4: Open “Hide Entry Points for Fast User Switching“.

Step 5: Select Enabled to turn Fast User switching off. Set it to “Disable” to turn it on.

Step 6: Done.

Method 2 (Registry)

Step 1: Hold the Windows Key and press R to Run dialog box.

Step 2: Type regedit then press “Enter“.

Step 3: Expand the following:

Current Version



Step 4: Look for a value called “HideFastUserSwitching“.

Step 5: Now right-click the System folder.

Step 6: select new 32-bit value after then type a name of HideFastUserSwitching.

Step 7: Press Enter to create the value.

Step 9: Double-click HideFastUserSwitching.

Step 10: Change the Value data to 1 to disable Fast User Switching, set it to 0 to enable it.

Step 11: Done.

Now Completed guide for Enable or Disable Fast User Switching for Windows 10 and you read this guide very helpful for you.