Now this guide for My Fitness Pal No Longer supporting for Windows Phone and MyFitnessPal informing Windows Phone users of its popular fitness and food tracking app that is no longer supporting that platform that is bad thing for Window Phone.

My Fitness Pal app could no longer be accessed on their phones one company to find out what was going on and received the following response:

Now if you can no longer find the My Fitness Pal Windows phone App or are having issues accessing the app and due to several issues with the app and not enough demand of the app from our members, we have decided to no longer offer an app on the Windows Phone platform.

However, limitations of the Windows Phone store and we are unable to provide ongoing access to the app for existing users and member logs out of the app, access to the app will no longer be available and Your account can still be accessed via your mobile web browser or computer at our main website www my fitness pal com or via the iOS and Android platform.

My Fitness Pal Launched an app for Window Phone 7 in 2012 and updated it on regular to work Window Phone 8 and 8.1 in 2015 that is best for My Fitness Pal.

Now completed guide for My Fitness Pal No Longer supporting for Windows Phone and read this big news very useful information for you.
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