Streaming services are currently conquering the TV market and, especially among younger viewers, are replacing analogue television from everyday life. Nevertheless, classic television formats are still very popular. It’s just that you no longer sit in front of the TV in the living room at home, but look on the go using your cell phone. That is why there are numerous free TV apps for Android and iOS in the app stores that bring you programs and live TV offers directly to your smartphone. FuboTV is one of the best in this segment. Not only streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBOMax, DisneyPlus, and others in the subway has become part of our everyday life, we now also get the classic television program via mobile phone with FuboTV.


What is FuboTV and What It Offers?

Just like other streaming services, FuboTV is also a streaming service. But of offering movies and TV shows for free, Fubo intends to provide live sports and TV channels. It offers lots of live TV channels where users can watch live sports, live news, and drama as well. AMC to NBC to CNBC, more than 180 channels are available on this free service.

This free live TV channel service has organized all the channels in three different categories i.e. sports, entertainment, and news. It can be cheaper than a local cable connection since you have to pay for the TV channel service you need. Fubo Family, Fubo Ultra, and Fubo Latino are basic plans. But FuboTV is paid live TV streaming service and it is only available in the US and some other limited regions.

So, here we are going to tell you some of the best free alternatives to FuboTV to watch live TV channels for free.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a live TV streaming platform from ViacomCBS and offers you both live TV and media library content from various broadcasters. The live TV package includes over 250 TV channels and more than a thousand on-demand movies. From public broadcasters to private providers to popular exotics such as MTV or Comedy Central, with Pluto TV you have the entire breadth of the American TV landscape in your pocket and at any time ready to stream. On top, you will find exclusive in-house productions here. This can be a great alternative to FuboTV.

Pluto TV is a very clear and modern application that convinces with a user-friendly interface and smooth streaming quality. If you have installed the TV app, you can start immediately without any registration. The start screen is very reminiscent of the interface of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and shows you the most popular TV shows, channels, and a menu. In addition to Start, the menu also offers a practical search function as well as Live TV and various categories. As a TV series fan, you can’t expect more from a free PlutoTV app.


Hotstar is one of the first TV apps ever and continues to be very popular as a pioneer of Internet television in India and abroad. There is a reason for that. The application is clear and user-friendly, offers a large selection of TV channels, and usually delivers a flawless live TV and streaming experience without jerking or buffering. Hotstar is available in the paid premium version and as a free TV app for Android and iOS. The free version includes public service broadcasters including their specialty channels as well as niche channels. The paid version also includes the VIP content of movies and shows.

If you have installed Hotstar, the Live TV app will ask you to register via email, Google account, or mobile phone number. Then you start streaming immediately. You can use the three-line menu at the top of the screen to sort the programs by highlights, channels, programs, and films. Under Highlights, you have an editorial selection of films and programs from the video library that you can watch online at any time, regardless of the broadcast date. The categories broadcaster and program sort the live TV offer and play the programs that are currently in the program or at the broadcaster of your choice. Hotstar is ad-financed, but the ads are no longer distracting and do not interrupt the streaming flow.

Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is a media library and a video streaming service just like FuboTV. at the same time. Although the application does not include a live TV function, you can watch your favorite TV shows on the go with internet connectivity. Tubi TV is user-friendly and clearly structured and does require registration. Once you’ve downloaded the TV app, you can start streaming straight away. The available TV shows are sorted by categories – such as films, series, shows & magazines, news, politics & documentary, sports, and many more. So, Tubi TV can be one of the best FuboTV alternatives.


Online live TV streaming service from Jio telecom exclusively for Jio users is really an amazing live TV app and one of the best similar apps to Fubo TV. The range of TV channels is really good and varied & sufficient, especially since it is a free TV app. With over 650 live Tv channels in over 15 languages, JioTV offers a range of content that is second to none. From colors, Star, Zee, to Sony, it has all the major TV channels and even some news channels from abroad. Another advantage of JioTV: is that the three-stroke menu helps you to organize your selection and design your individual program. last but not least: The TV app is free and without advertising. No TV fans have to put up with a few advertising clips if they want to use the service. So, this can be the best alternative to FuboTV if you are living in India and would like to watch live TV for free.

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