All the companies have an online or offline platform for their employees where they can get all the information and additional perks offered by the management. As the name suggests, AZPeople is a similar platform from the AZ (AutoZone) company. It is one of the largest automotive retail chains in the US which offers AZpeople online service for its employees. In its over 40 years of establishment and service across several nations including America, Mexico, and Brazil, it has over 6,400 retail stores. Being the biggest automotive retail company in the US, it cares for its people whether they are current employees or former employees.

This AZpeople login info portal shows it all. Through AZPeople, working employees can know the new updates by their employers or co-workers. AZpeople also helpful to know about the salary and additional company benefits offered by AutoZone. AZPeople is available as an app as well as on the website. Along with current AutoZners, former AZ employees can use AZpeople platform to know and get the benefits offers by AutoZone for them. All the AutoZoners need to register on AZPeople and even their family members take the benefits of this service.

Here, we are going to show you how you can log in to AZPeople and what is the procedure of AZPeople employee login.


Requirements: Essential Things to Register an AZPeople Account

Well, a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection is the first requirement for an AutoZone employee in order to create an account at AZpeople. But these things are necessary and very important in the process of creating the AZPeople account on its online portal.

As an AutoZoner Information – An employee must have his/her ID of the employee, ignition ID, username & password. These will be required while signing up at the AZpeople portal.

Personal Information – SSN or Social Security Number are required in the process of registration.

Security – The security is very crucial when you are creating an account on AZPeople online portal. An AutoZoner shall have to generate a password and username. Plus, a few security questions must be set to add more security. They may be uses in case you forget password and want to reset the AZPeople account password.

Registration Process at AZpeople Login | How to Register at AZPeople Login Portal 

An employee working at any store of the AZPeople needs to register at AZPeople. The process is simple. AZPeople platform will help employees to access all the new updates or instructions. Follow the process as given below:

  1. Visit the AZPeople at on your mobile or desktop.
  2. As the new user of the AZpeople, you need to click on the option called “Activate your account.”
  3. On the next page shown at the screen, all the necessary things that we have told you above have to be filled in the fields. The info like username (it can be Ignition ID or Employee ID), Complete name, and the last four digits of the Social Security Number.
  4. Now select the “Activate” option and the next window shall open where you have to offer other information required for the AZPeople registration.
  5. Click on “Submit” once you have filled all the info. You will get a link to activate your AZPeople account on your email address.
  6. When you open the link, you shall have to log in and provide the answers to the security questions you must have set in the AZPeople sign up process.

Once you are done with all these, you can log in with username which can be employee ID or ignition ID and the password. Now enjoy all the features available for AZpeople employees. For easy access, the AZPeople app can also be used.

How to Login to AZpeople – AZpeople Login Employee

After the registration of AZPeople info, the AutoZone login for employees is really easy. It’s a no-brainer but some new users can use the process given below:

  1. Visit the AZPeople Login pageon a phone, tablet, or PC. If you want to use the app then install it on your phone.
  2. On the landing page, you shall see the login option. Enter your AZPeople credentials and hut the login button.

Important: While logging in, you need to pay attention to option because a login page for Current AutoZoner employee, Ex AutoZoner employees, or Family Member is different.

Final words

Now you know how simple it is to create an account at the AZpeople platform and login to its website portal. So, now just login to AZPeople’s online portal where employees can get the new instructions and even, they can change their working hours by exchanging with other colleagues. Salary updates and employee benefits are mentioned here. AutoZone offers some benefits to its former employees so they can also use it.