Nowadays, everyone is talking about Apple’s new iPhones. And many have bought a new iPhone. Apple launches its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13. And the iOS 13 also released for other iOS 13 compatible devices. The update is great and everyone cheered. But, there have been many issues found in the update and some features missed. Therefore, Apple released an iOS 13.1 within the week of the release of iOS 13 to fix some bugs and add some missed out functions.

After updating to the iOS 13, many users complained bugs like, some applications are crash when you open it, the camera app can be slow, the cellular network drop, when you click the picture it has randomly gotten new dates, airdrops have had some issues to work in your phone, sometimes text message is deleted or flip out from iMessages and more.

If you face any of these problems with the iOS 13 then don’t worry, Apple released another update iOS 13.1 after week to fix all these bugs and add the new missing feature.  If you know about it and update your phone, then it’s good. If not then we will guide you on how to install iOS 13.1 on your phone. But before this, we will discuss the features and new things about iOS 13.1. So let’s start a discussion.


Features of iOS 13.1

1. Share ETA in Maps

If you are using the map on your iPhone, then this feature provides estimated time of arrival which you can share with your contact.

2. Shortcut Automations

This is the notable feature in the iOS 13.1. It works based on your daily routine. For example if you enable this feature then it suggest you to do things like it turn off the mobile data when your device connects to the home Wi-Fi network, or it dims the light of your phone’s display when the low power mode turn on and it will suggest many other things which are not necessary at that time base on your daily routine.

3. Slider icon for Volume

In this feature, you can see the Bluetooth device like Airpods are connected to your phone and show the volume level of that device when you adjust.

4. Dynamic Wallpapers

 The new colors and designs of dynamic wallpaper are available in the device.

5. Bug fixes

As we discuss that which kind of bugs are created problem after install iOS 13, but with the installation of iOS 13.1 you can clear all bugs and use your phone normally.

How to install iOS 13.1

To install iOS 13.1, first, go to the setting app and tap on the General option and after that tap on the software updates. Now the new iOS 13.1 will start to download and after complete the download, install it. Now you can use your iPhone normally.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this article you will batter know about iOS 13.1 and Install this new iOS 13.1 in your device without any problem. If you still have any questions or problems with iOS 13.1, then ask us in the comment section. We will try to solve it.