Smartphones have expanded our horizons when it comes to accessibility and applications make that process even more simplified. If you are trying to download an app on your iPhone, the most common issue that arises is “verification required.”

Not only is this message frustrating, it is bound to leave you confused as to why an iPhone app requires an additional step of verification.

If you are experiencing a similar issue and want to rectify the error, this article will walk you through all the relevant steps.


Why is the “Verification Required” Issue happening on iPhone?

When you are trying to download an app and you notice the verification required error message pop up, chances are that the issue is related to the payment method that’s integrated into your Apple ID.

There are multiple errors associated with this issue, including:

  • The payment method has failed
  • The device the Apple ID is in has purchased a paid app before
  • Unpaid balance in the account

Identifying what’s contributing to the error is crucial if you want to navigate through the issue in real time.

Sometimes, if you have a malfunctioning debit card integrated into your Apple ID, that’s potentially the biggest reason why you are seeing the “verification required” message pop up.

Steps to Fix “Verification Required” Error on iPhone

Now that you know why you are seeing the “verification required” error on your iPhone, the next thing is to know how to fix the errors.

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on your name that’s present at the top
  • Next, tap on iTunes and App Store
  • Select your Apple ID and then tap on “View Apple ID”. If your iPhone is running on iOS 15 and later, tap on “Media and Purchases” and then tap on View Account.
  • Next, tap on Manage Payments
  • Tap on Edit
  • Find the “- “icon in red
  • Tap on Remove from the options and again tap on Remove to confirm.

This will remove any kinds of payment options that were previously linked with your Apple ID. Once you have removed that, try and see if the “verification required” error still pops up.

Why am I not able to Remove the Current Payment Method?

If you followed the above-mentioned steps and aren’t able to remove the current payment method, it means that the “verification required” error will persist when you try to download an app from the App Store.

One of the main reasons why you aren’t able to remove the current integrated payment method is that you have an outstanding payment with Apple. Another reason is if you have the “Family Sharing” option enabled.

Identifying what’s contributing to the error is crucial. Once you know that, you can either complete the outstanding payment or you can go ahead and disable the Family Sharing option and see if that helps fix the issue.


If you were experiencing a “verification required” issue on your iPhone, we hope this article gives you all the tips to navigate through the issue. Keep in mind that since the error is due to payment-related issues, you must fix the error without delays.

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