Most people got used to programming on laptops and stationary computers. It is very comfortable to have a big monitor and keyboard when dealing with detailed coding. Old-school programmers cannot imagine the creation of Java or C++ codes on a compact portable device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Advanced specialists who need to provide many programs learned how to benefit from mobile programming.

It is not a secret that coding is well-paid. Experts who get the highest salaries but also must cope with routine tasks use their smartphones. Due to that, they can be created everywhere. There is no need to take care of sockets for laptop charging. One can take a power bank and write codes while sitting in a taxi or waiting for a bus. Besides, one can buy a portable keyboard and link it to the device if necessary.

So, what does a person need to write mobile codes? Helping with homework assignments provides interesting facts and tips that will help even beginners write codes successfully on their mobiles.


Apps to Master Coding Languages

How can I do my assignment, if I program badly? This question worries many beginners. They want to code but need someone who can explain the details. Fortunately, one can install apps that teach programming. The best variant is to select the one that involves explanations about different coding languages.

 Professional assistants recommend the following list of teaching apps.

  • Learn Programming
  • Enki
  • SoloLearn
  • PluralSight
  • Programming Hub
  • Codecademy Go

Some of these apps might be for Android and iOS, or both operating systems. When a person learns the basic theory, it will be necessary to concentrate on the required or desired coding languages. It could be HTML, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, and others. If a person does not know what to do but wants to become an expert in mobile coding, it will be necessary to join related courses on YouTube or some educational platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Khan Academy, and others.

Editors of Texts

The best option is to select an editor that allows a person to write in different computer languages. It functions as Word that lets a person type and edit texts. When searching for a good editor, one should pay attention to the availability of various important functions. It must be easy to apply different fonts, colors, copy, cut, and paste required fragments. Moreover, it must be compatible with your device – Android or iOS.

Play Market and Apple Store have a variety of editors. Beginners can ask STEM helpers to recommend an app that is user-friendly and well-packed. For example, one can find Vom Touch analogs and Hacker’s Keyboard to feel no difference between desktop and mobile coding. These apps have a pack of required symbols and layout. Moreover, smart typing lets a person avoid silly typos.

The most popular programming tools are CodePen, CodeAnyWhere, and CodeSandbox. The first and the third tools are free, while the second one requires a minimal monthly charge.

Testers of Web Services

Some programs are developed for smartphones, and others can run only on websites. A person should have a server where it will be comfortable to store related files. For example, a person visits a website. The system links his or her browser with the webserver of the creator. Thanks to that, information exchange occurs. The cheapest app file storage services are GoDaddy and HostGator.

Besides, one needs programs that do product testing and include web server packages for Android. A person must make sure that the device is powerful enough to support these apps. As a rule, cheap Androids do not suit. Professional assistance usually deals with  Palapa Web Server to provide its STEM service.

Regard Limitations

People who have Android and iPhone know the difference. One of them is that the first one allows the owner to use more apps and programs and the other one demands access permits and passwords because of various policies. So, one should regard this detail to promise high app productivity.

Security Options

Last but not least. Those who want to utilize smartphones as basic devices for programming must take care of security. Smartphones often ask for permission, so there should be a program that will detect dangerous files. One can use ChatSecure and Orbot for that purpose.

Interesting Facts about Apps and Phones

There are many catchy facts about mobile programming. Below, one can read some of them to get surprised and become closer to the mobile programming era.

  1. People, especially the youth and teens, got used to spending 90% of their mobile time using various apps for communication, studies, and entertainment. Students do their homework and PPT projects in various apps. They devote only 10% of the total time to surfing WWW.
  2. Apps developed on Android and iPhones differ. Two devices have different OSs, that is why design and structure differ. Professionals recommend creating iOS apps on iPhones and Android apps on the supporting mobiles.
  3. There are 1.3 million more apps in the Play Market than in the App Store. Besides, 50% of iOS apps have never been downloaded.
  4. Programmers create 130000 apps (100000 for Android and 30000 for iOS) every 30 days! So, it makes over 4000 apps per 24 hours.
  5. People prefer shopping via apps to purchasing via web platforms. That is why almost all shops (especially brand ones) have launched their apps.

As one can see, mobile coding has become a part of daily routine. That is why one should learn mobile programming that is as comfortable and user-friendly as PC coding. Mobile programming provides many benefits. A person can use it inside and outside. Big screens make typing comfortable and effective. A programmer requires only access to the Internet or an installed app that partially functions in off-line mode.

Mobile coding lets students practice all the time. Are there many people who take laptops and tables everywhere? No, but all programmers always have their smartphones at their fingertips because we live in the epoch of digital communication.