There are lots of sites on the internet like AdmitMe where you can watch free movies and TV series. Right now amid the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, everyone is advised to stay at home. So what to do when you are staying at home due to coronavirus? Most of us might be thinking that it is the right time to do Netflix and chill. But remember to watch movies or TV shows on sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney plus, Apple TV+, and many others, you have to pay a hefty subscription fee. That’s when sites like AdmitMe come to rescue.

AdmitMe is one of the most searched and popular free streaming sites where users can stream movies and TV shows in HD quality for free but right now many users are having trouble accessing AdmitMe.

 People are complaining that they are unable to open or find the official site. Many users think that admitme is gone and what to do now. Here, we are going to tell you some of the top sites like AdmitMe to watch free movies and shows. Also, how to access AdmitMe on any of your devices? The answer to why AdmitMe isn’t shown on Google is given in the article.


Is AdmitMe shutdown? Why can’t I open Admitme?

If you have tried searching for admitme on your web browser using Google search engine but it doesn’t show any result of the official site like old times. Many users think that AdmitMe has been taken down. It’s true that AdmitMe was gone but now it is available again but you won’t find that again on Google. Google has strict policies against pirated a site, that is why you can’t find on Google. You can access it by opening its official new URL. In the segment, we have shown how to open admitme.

How to access Admitme? Admitme proxies and mirror links

Google won’t let you access the admitme site so the first way to access admitme to watch free movies and TV shows is to use another search engine. For example, if you use Yahoo to search admitme then you will find its official site at the top. Yes, the old URL is back and you can access it on there. It is not yet confirmed whether its previous developers are behind the site or not but the interface and the design and the content are exactly similar.

If you don’t want to use any search engine and need a new best admitme proxy then you can access admitme at

2 Best similar sites like admitme | Admitme alternatives 2021

  • Movieninja or moviegaga

  • Pubfilm

  • Pubfilm

If you are done with admitme and need some new fresh sites like admitme which can be the great alternatives to admitme then we have covered you with some of the best free sites where you can watch free movies and TV shows on any of your devices. These admitme alternatives 2021 are best known for surviving every blow of Google or government authorities. It has got

Movieninja or moviegaga

This by far one of the greatest free websites to watch movies and TV shows without paying a single penny. Earlier it was available at but recently it has moved to There are fake clones of movieninja on the internet but you will the difference when you try all of them. This really looks premium sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It has got different categories on the top, such as the latest movies, Top rated movies of the year, greatest movies, and TV series.

You can find every movie and TV show title on its roster. You can search by alphabets or genres and years. But if you want to make search directly by title name then you can use its search option. It has got all the things that you find in premium streaming sites so it could be the best sites like Admitme.


I know many sites where we can stream movies in HD for free but this one is really special. Many sites I know usually change their names but pubfilm is accessible at for the last few months. So if you are looking for a site where you can watch all the things like movies and TV shows in high-quality and the site remains stable then the pubfilm is really for you. Pubfilm could be the best similar site like admitme.

This has got movies, TV shows, and anime and the user interface of the site is really awesome. Every movie title is presented with the official release date with the description so you can know what you are looking at. It also offers a torrent downloading option.


Solarmovie is another big free websites to watch free movies and TV shows for free. This site can be accessed at It has got a search engine at the homepage where you can type and search movie or TV show title. You can find the titles from the various categories given at the top of the site. Genre, country, movies, TV-series, and Top IMDb are mentioned at the top.

In its Cinema category, you will find the top-recommended movies by solarmovie. This one of the pioneers of free streaming sites for free online. You just have to click on any of the titles you want to watch and click on the play button. The quality of the video is high so you can stream in high-quality with a good internet connection. So we can say that solarmovie is one of the best admitme alternatives.

Final words…

There are many more sites like admitme but these are the ones we can really trust. If you haven’t tried these sites and we recommend you should. You know some other sites to watch movies and television for free then you can tell us in the comment box.

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