Two of the most popular games in the MMO genre have to be RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape. They were both developed by Jagex, and it was a great move by the developers to have the different versions available because a huge chunk of the fanbase didn’t like the direction of RS3. This meant that there was a significant need for OSRS, too. So, if you’re confused about the two games and would like to distinguish between them, then here are some of the notable differences that discern these amazing and popular games.


The Graphics

One obvious difference has to be the appearance of each game as the difference in the style of the graphics. OSRS has very outdated graphics and minimalistic features while RS3 has modernized graphics that are a bit more appealing. It’s not the best or state-of-the-art 3D graphics, but it’s close enough. The textures in OSRS look very old and cartoonish, and it seems every character is just a set of polygons, but RS3 shows more realistic textures of the character and they look far better in comparison. Also, the spells, attacks, and other animations in RS3 are far more superior and engaging than OSRS.

The Gold

Because of how economies work, there is an inflation in RS3 compared to OSRS. The old game’s gold value is much higher, which means that there isn’t an influx of gold being spread around the economy. The same can’t be said for RS3 though, and it’s apparent when you try to buy the gold with real money. A lot of players tend to buy gold off a reputable website that is well-known and positively reviewed by other gamers. You can see that if you want to buy 50 million gold in OSRS then it would be equivalent to buying approximately 235 million gold in RS3. This is the same within the games too; the value of items is very much different in each game. If something has a value of 1 million gold in the OSRS then it would be 5 times that value in RS3.


Another notable difference has to be that Old School RuneScape doesn’t have any micro-transactions because it was never a pay-to-win game, but Runescape 3 is different and that part in the game was added. Some players don’t care about the feature, but a lot of the player base despises the fact that the game has microtransactions where you can basically pay real money for levels and experience lamps. This feature isn’t there in OSRS and a lot of players like it that way.

OSRS and Runescape 3

The Progression and Gains

You may notice that in the RS3, the progression, leveling, skills, and gaining rewards are much faster and easier than in OSRS. They don’t take too much time and effort and almost everyone can make progress in the hard and elite activities of the game. But in OSRS, the word “elite” refers to the most challenging game difficulty and a very small percentage of the player base can beat it. Also, questing and leveling could take a long time and it’s significantly more challenging. It’s actually recommended that you follow the guides to finish most of the quests because they can go on for a long time.

There is a heated debate between players as to which aspect is better, but you will see a following to both designs because it seems that every gamer is different. Some gamers think that it’s more rewarding and satisfying to work hours or even days to achieve a goal, while other gamers like to complete a task easily and go on to the next quest or adventure. Many may also like shortcuts and the ability to get high-end gear easily. So, it purely depends on which type of player you are and what your preferred experience is.

Different Playstyle

When you play OSRS, you will see that the gameplay is fairly simple with a point-and-click design, and you will constantly switch between combat types and gear in the middle of a fight. But RuneScape 3 is more of a modernized cooldown-based design where your abilities take a few seconds or minutes to recharge. So, starting quests, fighting monsters or bosses, and dueling other players are much more distinguishable.

Whether you’re a fan of OSRS or RS3, both these games have undoubtedly been engaging and enjoyable. They can make you lose track of time while you enjoy many hours of fun because of how they are perfectly designed to keep people glued to their seats from excitement. We recommend that you try both and experience the best of both worlds. You can alternate between the games depending on your mood to enjoy the unique experience that each provides. Remember to make multiple accounts to experience the gameplay’s versatility.