You might have an idea of SEO or Search Engine Optimization already. If this is your first time to hear about it, SEO is a way of making your website visible in search engines like Google. There are several ways to optimize the presence of your website on the internet. If you have just created a new website, initially you would research on what is web hosting and which type is best for you. Or  you have an existing website but you are not satisfied with your existing web host and you plan to choose another type.

Several web hosting companies offer several ways of hosting. To help you select which is best for you, let’s take a look at the different types of hosting features that these companies offer:


WordPress Hosting

Creating your website in WordPress is the cheapest and easiest way to launch your business. It optimizes websites through WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system enabling website builders to choose a pre-designed template. It also offers plug ins to aid users in creating the best layout and content for their website. If you are on a tight budget, this is the best hosting medium you can start with.

DNS Hosting

DNS or Domain Name System is a domain management system that features builds, operates and provides domain name servers to its users. This type of hosting usually provides a domain name registrar that uses a backend server. Its system serves like a “phonebook” where it keeps a record of domain names and each name is associated with a number called an IP Address that is linked to the website. DNS hosting is best known for the stability it provides to its users. DNS servers are an important element for the enhanced security of your connections, but you may still need to protect your data by having additional security services and measures.

Php Hosting

Php is not an acronym but it means Hypertext Processor. It is a script language commonly used for web development applications. Web pages can be designed using HTML codes. Since Php hosting is very much appropriate for web development and dynamic page  creation, What sets Php hosting apart from other languages is that it is highly dependable. It is versatile, simple and error-free in running. Also, it can be embedded in HTML and other languages such as MySQL, Oracle and other databases. Using this type of hosting, it makes web developers choose any operating system.

Web Hosting

Python Hosting

Whether your goal is to create a website or an application, Python features appropriate tools to create them. It offers standard web related tools and a variety of application servers. Python is an object oriented language that is easy to learn and it is supported with the capability to use multiple languages and libraries. This hosting gives its customers 24/7 online support, uptime guarantee up to 99%, ease of control panel usage and multiple hosting domains.

Java Hosting

Java web hosting gives you options of using VPS, Cloud or dedicated servers to create Java applications. Java is one of the most commonly used languages in programming and software design. It gives a number of advantages like giving new programmers the ease of understanding the language, it works without glitches in any operating system, and it offers a secure environment thus, protecting your site from virus attacks.

Any of these web hosting services can help you market your business. These types of hosting have their unique features from cost, stability, ease of use, security from risks and versatility. You may consider one or two and see what works best for your business needs. Make the best choice to promote your website and turn those website visitors  paying customers for your business.

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Vineet Maheshwari is a passionate blogger and relationship oriented digital marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience in SEO, PPC management, web analytics, domain investing, affiliate marketing and digital strategy. He has helped high tech brands connect with customers in an engaging manner, thereby ensuring that high quality leads are generated over time.