The world is changing since everything is going digital these days. From making payments to releasing big-budget movies and TV shows, we have seen a sudden growth in digitalization in the last few years. We have seen great growth in the USA’s Apple Pay payment system if we talk about online payment.

We have seen thousands of stores, restaurants, gas stations and stores accepting Apple Pay payment methods in the last few years. We know that MacDonald is the biggest food chain in the USA, with more than 38,000 outlets. 

One of the major reasons for using Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s that it is the most secured payment method. It uses FaceID, Touch ID, or Passcode to make the final payment. It uses NFC technology to make payment safer than any other payment methods.

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

Yes, McDonald’s does take Apple Pay in restaurants as well as drive-thru and McDonalds app. In 2014, McDonalds added Apple Pay payment mode support. It was one of the biggest stores that initiated Apple Pay payment acceptance.

How to use Apple Pay at McDonalds drive thru

Of course, Apple Pay supports McDonalds drive-thru, but many users are not aware of the process. Hence, here we will show you how to do it.

  1. At the drive-thru, ask the cashier to show the card reader. The cashier can use the long cord to accept the payment via Apple Pay.
  2. Once you get the card leader, close contact your iPhone to the cord and double-click on your iPhone’s right side button.
  3. You need to unlock your iPhone’s screen via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  4. Now hold your iPhone on the contactless sale reader. Keeps it holding until you hear the ping or see the green checkmark. And then, you will see the Done on your iPhone’s home screen once the payment is made.
  5. That’s it.

Also, there is another way to pay via Apple Pay on the McDonalds app. To do that, the user needs to complete the sign-in, choose local restaurant location, select your food, add it to your cart, go to the shopping cart, check your items, and continue with the payment. After that, choose the pickup or delivery time, fill up the detail, and select Apple Pay, your payment method. 

Furthermore, if you are using Apple Pay from your Apple Watch, you can also pay from your wrist at the McDonald drive-thru and McDonald’s app. To do that, double-tap the side button on the right of the dial, enter your passcode, and then hold your Apple Watch on the contactless payment reader until you see the payment done.

Other than Apple Pay at the Mcdonald’s, users can make payments via cash, credit or debit card, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. 


Do you often visit McDonald’s drive-thru? Do you also use Apple Pay to make payments? Do you think Apple Pay is the most secure payment method? Please drop your feedback in the comment box.

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