It seems like the gaming world rapidly growing fast these days since every day we see something new and exciting about the PC, mobile, PS, or Xbox games. Especially, people too much crazy for multiplayer battle royale games whether it’s for PC or smartphone

As we know, the craze of battle royale games is too much these days; there have other games that enter to the genre called “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.” This game is also called as “Fall Guys.” The game is from the Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital.

Fall Guys earlier premiered in June 2019 at the E3, and finally, the game officially released on August 4th, 2021.  So it took a year for the makers to release the official version. Since the game was released, every India YouTuber started streaming this game, and I guess it would be the good call to write something about this trending game for users.

If you are wondering for which platforms Fall Guys supports, then here we here. If you have Windows PC and PlayStation 4 then you are lucky as Fall Guys is available for PS4 and Windows computer right now. Sorry but Fall Guys Xbox One still take time.

You might be wondering why Fall Guys is so much popular, and people are crazy about it. So let me tell you that the game is games like Takeshi’s Castle and It’s a Knockout. The game starts with 60 players with the jellybean-like figures play and complete stated one-by-one. You can moves, such as jumping, grabbing, or diving to assist gameplay. You will love the delightful color pallet, simple but yet, entertaining physics of the game. You will have to reach the finish line before everyone else. If you make it to the last stage, you will be the winner.

At the game’s release, it witnessed the great record as the game managed to get more than 1.5 million players within a day, and then it sold 2 million copies on Steam. Due to the high number of streams at the same time, the game also got down. Fall Guys PS4 version again crossed 8 million marks.

Many people are also asking it is free to download Fall Guys for PC or PS4. If you want Fall Guys free download, then sorry to tell you that the game was only available to download free for a month (it means it was only free for August month). So after the month of release, the game is now available at $20 for PS4 and PC. I guess the price is not huge compared to other battle royale games as the game offers some great skin, colors, and animations.

Many players are also wondering that Fall Guys Cross platforms support or not. So let me tell you that the Fall Guys Cross Platform is not yet supported between PS4 and PC. But we may get Fall Guys Cross platform support in future updates.

Fall Guys for Xbox is not yet available as the company said it clearly that the game will only be available for PS4 and PC. Still, there is no announcement from the makers’ release of Fall Guys for Xbox One.

Many users are also asking that is there any Fall Guys mobile version available. So let me tell you that Fall Guys Mobile is not yet available for players as no official Fall Guys Mobile version is available. If you want to play Fall Guys in Mobile, then you can play similar games like Fall Guys on mobile named “Fall Dudes 3D” on Android devices. The great thing we can get Fall Guys soon for mobile as the game is touching every milestone.

 Are you wondering about playing Fall Guys on your device? Which device do you have? What do you think about this game? Do you think it would give a tough competition to the other multiplayer games? If you have anything to share about the game, please share it with us in the comment section.

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