The world is becoming mobile with every passing hour. The major shift in mobile app download and the stats of its rising usage motivate new business owners to develop their apps for stepping closer to success. A huge transformation is seen in the way businesses are operating. They are introducing innovations in apps to get to their target audience. From simplicity to design, every app is evolved with the touch of artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart operating software. Take a look at the stats below:

App Development

Source: The Manifest 2018 Consumer App Survey

The rapid pace of modernization puts pressure on new business owners to get a fully responsive mobile app developed by an expert. Though individual app features differ from one industry to another; however, there are features that every app must have. Read the guide summarized below and learn about the most important features your app should have.


Minimalistic Approach

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”- Steve Jobs

No matter how complex the phenomena of this statement is it put forward an easy way to design an app. Bombarding your interface with too many features may make it look good but it creates hindrance in its usability. Your app must be easy-to-use and simple to understand. Complex functionalities rise bounce rates.

Count On Personalization

Customers want to receive individual attention. Personalization binds and connects them to the app. It covers areas related to personal offerings, hands-on customization options, app preferences and inclusion of the customer’s name. Through personalization, you can get better customer engagement, increased profits and create a distinguished approach.

Seamless Navigation

You must be careful about the usability of your app. Think about the UI creation and work on to create seamless navigation thereby helping customers understand your app and its functionality without much hassle. Add interactive elements like links, switches, buttons, bars, and menus to assist users in reaching the goals they desire. You need to be more attentive about the basic navigation issues that include layouts, element placement, transitions, and functionality. Do make important operations clear for your users.

Push Notifications

Push notification is the means of notifying app users about any latest update and news. You can easily promote your offers and attract users efficiently. According to Localytics, more than 50% app users find push-notifications useful. Though with this technique you can be able to bring more customers closer to your app thus accelerating the revenue generation. Improves app retention, enhanced mobile user acquisition and a better user engagement are some of the prominent outcomes generated through push-notifications.

Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps

“Cloud computing has solidified its position with mobile apps”- Brendan Wilde

From tech professionals to end users, nobody can defy the massive impact cloud technology creates in daily activities. Mobile apps gather data from the cloud using small spaces, which creates minimal to no impact on a phone’s internal memory. These apps do not consume a huge amount of storage space and offer efficient functionality. Moreover, the cloud-based apps offer offline mode as well. You can cache your data even if your device is not connected to the internet. Now, if your users are camping in the wilderness they can still get connected to the app. As per the stats presented by Cisco, “Cloud apps will drive 90% of the entire mobile data by 2019.”This highlights the progressive future of cloud-based apps in the future.

Augmented Reality

When talking about innovations in mobile apps, a thing worth mentioning is Augmented Reality. According to Statista, with the incorporation of Augmented Reality in apps, it has generated 884.1 million in 2017, which is predicted to rise up to 6218.23 million by 2021.The development of ARKit for IOS users along with ARCore for Android gives a boost to its involvement in app development. It has now become mainstream making iPhone app Development Company to strive harder for coming with many advance features by including AR in the development plan.

You can make your user experience not only interactive but incredibly seamless too. Augmented Reality is providing hassle-free functionality to the app users while improving engagements to a much larger scale. It has enlightened the world with an improved manner of doing business thereby opening up new avenues to prosperity.

As the world is progressing with an innovative zeal. It’s high time for you to build a successful mobile app for your business. Add these must-have features in your corporate app to offer excellence.