Looking for useful iPhone apps that won’t disappoint you? In this article, we’ve listed the best products to make your daily life easier and more fun. Whether you’re looking for a scanning tool, language learning app or workout plans for iPhone, we know how important it is to find an effective application that works smoothly. Consider the apps for iPhone users listed below. 


1. PDF Scanner App

If you need a reliable and quick scanning tool, this is the best option available. This iPhone scanner will boost your productivity and allow you to keep all the essential documents at hand. Install a scanner to get quality images anytime, anywhere.

Scan docs, get effective text conversion and recognition, good object ruler and counter, effective file management and lots of other benefits. It takes a few minutes to install this App, but its usefulness is difficult to overestimate. With this iPhone scanner, you can share documents real quick and be sure of complete safety. You can print any materials you obtained with this scanner app using Wi-Fi printers. Don’t hesitate to install a scanner – it will surely make dealing with documents much easier.

2. Duolingo

Studying has never been more fun! This free app allows you to choose from more than 40 languages and makes the learning process really enjoyable. With this app, you can start with basics and gradually improve your skills. A recent update makes it possible to keep studying even when you’re offline!

Practice vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and listening skills using the method of spaced repetition which proves really effective. The Duolingo iPhone app is definitely one of the best language learning tools available out there.

3. JustFit: Lazy Workout

This app is perfect for those who don’t have time to hit the gym but really want to stay fit and healthy. JustFit has tons of exercises to keep you in shape, help you lose weight or gain muscle. JustFit can be integrated with Apple Health to measure your calorie burn.

The best part is, you don’t need any equipment to start exercising. With this fitness app, you can easily monitor your progress on a daily basis and achieve set goals.

4. Maps.Me

It’s not always possible to connect your smartphone to the internet when you’re traveling, but that’s not a problem if you have Maps.Me. You can download a map of the whole city, region or country. Maps.Me shows local restaurants, shops, petrol stations, hotels, transportation options and many more.

It’s detailed, fast and responsive, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a new city. Moreover, it’s based on the open-source OpenStreetMap projects. This means that corporations won’t be tracking your moves. The app is trusted by over 140 million users worldwide.

5. Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager that lets you store unlimited passwords, payments, and personal details on your smartphone. All your sensitive data is synced securely and can be accessed on other devices. This app will minimize your efforts thanks to autofilling right usernames and passwords on different apps and websites. The app has an intuitive design, so it’s really easy to figure out how to get around. Don’t worry, Dashlane does not collect user’s data, so total privacy is guaranteed.

6. BetterSleep

BetterSleep is designed for those who often struggle to fall asleep or want to improve their sleep quality. The app was previously known as Relax Melodies. It provides users with more than 300 relaxing sounds like rain, crackling fire, sea, singing birds, white noise etc.

Moreover, you can listen to stories or guided meditations, practice breathing exercises that help you wind down. Users can even design soundscapes and create your favorite mixes. BetterSleep comes with bedtime reminders, sleep tracker, and sleep recorder. This is a great tool to start improving the quality of your night’s rest. Many users report significant improvements after they start using the app.

7. TeraBox

This is an innovative cloud storage app with 1TB (1024 GB) of space that allows you to back up documents, share files, save photos or videos. TeraBox can easily be synced across all devices you use. Users can upload any types of files, privately share them with others or move them to other devices.

The app supports online photo preview and video playing. There’s also an automatic backup feature and smart classification into albums, which helps you find the needed files real quick. TeraBox uses reliable protection mechanisms to guarantee your total security.


VSCO is the most popular manual camera app with a beautiful user interface and lots of options for photo and video editing. The free version of the app offers 10 presets to make your pictures stand out. VSCO community members provide helpful tips on how to get the most of this photo editing tool.

For inspiration, you will find a great collection of photography by talented creators. With VSCO it becomes easy to express yourself freely and improve your photo or video processing skills. Try it and see for yourself!

These are the best iPhone apps that everyone will love. Having so many useful tools at hand is great, so don’t miss out on amazing experiences with the apps we’ve listed above!