The OnePlus is one of the best mobile brands that newly release the new smartphone OnePlus 5T and it was recently unveiled, it came a ton of new extra features. If you want to use their ton of features on your android device then we have listed the best tip and tricks that really you enjoyed.

While the most privilege and extreme feature of the device are absolutely the 18:9 screens and an updated camera, another notable feature introduced with the 5T was Face Unlock with extra tons. In its effort to challenge iPhone X’s Face ID, OnePlus has brought out Face Unlock to their flagship device, which is stunning. If you’re someone who thinks highly of this feature and would love to have it on their device, the guide to follow with, as we show you how to get OnePlus 5T’s face unlock feature on your Android phone.

Steps to Get OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock on Your Android Phone

Note: In this method makes use of Smart Lock that was bringing in Android Lollipop (5.0). As such, the method works only on devices running Android Lollipop and above (5.0+). Also, make sure to set up a screen lock using a PIN, Pattern, or Password. I tried the method on my Moto X Play running Android 7.1.1, and the method worked just fine.

Step 1:  First Off all, navigate to Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock on your Android Device. You’ll be required to enter your PIN/Password to proceed, so do that.

Step 2:  Now you can see the list of Smart Lock settings, tap on “Trusted face”.

Step 3: Next to, tap on “Set up”. You’ll now be shown instructions on how to add a trusted face. Tap on “Next” to continue.

Step 4: After you will start to register your Face ID. Simply position your face inside the marked circle while the device registers your face. Upon successful completion, you’ll get a screen as shown below.

Step 5: To use Face Unlock, simply hold up your device to your face level in the locked mode. As you can see below, the icon on the bottom of the screen changes from “recognizing face” to “unlocked”.

Whatever you wish but this may still not be as secure as OnePlus 5T’s face unlock, it is still a good way to have the same feature on any Android device.

Also, unlike the 5T but its ways to bypasses the lock screen, this method only unlocks your device. You will still be required to swipe-up to unlock the device.

Unlock Your Smartphone with Your Face

The Face Unlock was one of the biggest surprise features of the OnePlus 5T. While no one really expected it, it sure turned out to be a greeting addition. Even though it may not be as secure as Apple’s Face ID, it, without doubt, is blazingly fast. Thanks to the above method, you too can know the super-fast face unlock. I know I’ve been using it for an extended time now, and here’s your probability to use it too. Let us know in the comments section if you liked the above trick.