AR Stickers is one type of Augmented Reality that proves the real world to a digital base. In this year, so many technologies are invented, Augmented Reality is one of in this technology to get interactive virtual elements and superimposing 3D objects, animations, and audio over the real world.

Let’s rid of the ARCore, basically, the Google has been trial quite a lot with Augmented Reality (AR). Also, the recently released the latest smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL comes with the AR features. So you can use the AR stickers within the phone’s camera that can be dragged and dropped into the viewfinder to add interactivity to the imprison photos and videos.

The stickers can cooperate with each other, adding an element of fun and liveliness to the captures. on the other hand, if you don’t have Pixel 2 device, but still want AR Stickers on your Android, then read on this tiny guide to know how to get Pixel 2 XL  like AR Stickers on any Android phone.


Best AR Stickers Apps that Get Pixel 2 XL’s Like AR Stickers on your Android Phone

Here’s all are the best AR Stickers Apps that basically uses the Pixel devices but now it’s time to celebrating because there are a handful of Augmented Reality Apps for Android that gives the same features and fun as that of Pixel’s AR stickers.

1 Holo

Holo is one of the best AR Sticker apps that let you overlay “holograms” into your real-world environment using your phone’s screen as a viewfinder. The apps have to create animated 3D models of peoples or animals and also that take videos and photos with to share with friends. The app features introduce as characters of animals, superheroes, and Bollywood/Hollywood motivated characters and has new fashionable features with every efficient version. It is easily accessible for download on Google Play Store, and it is well-matched with all devices with Android 5.0 and above.


2Augment – 3D Augmented Reality

Another most useful and well functional AR app is called Augment. The Augment app lets you visualize products in 3D in real time and virtual environment. This is a great tool for retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce shoppers and other businesses. It gives faultless product visualization and can be used across the business to display products in life-like, 3D augmented reality. This app works on the Android 4.0.3 and above OS version.


3 Lumyer – Augmented Reality

Lumyer is best one of these AR apps because it’s ads life to photos and videos like real world. This app lets you apply animations and unique effects to your photos and videos, customize them, and share your creativity with your friends. Also, in this app lot’s of effects for every situation and occasion that you can apply. Android 5.0 and up support this app.


4 AR Dino Roar

AR Dino Roar is a well made and fun augmented reality app that lets you view dinosaur form and hear them call. It looks like a real dinosaur in this video or photo. You can choose from various dinosaur models in the menu and tap on them to listen to their roar. This augmented reality app is supported in Android 2.2 and above.


5 Augmented Reality Dinosaur Zoo

Another AR Dino Roar app like Augmented Reality Dinosaur Zoo, so it’s an interactive game app focuses on makes culture a fun experience. The app lets you work together with 3D dinosaurs, learn specifics about them, make them roar and move, and take photos of yourself with them and share them with your friends. Also, apps require Android 4.0 and above.


6 AR Fun and AR Effect

The App Developed by Sony, AR Fun, and AR Effect are camera apps that are available on many newer and older Sony Xperia devices. These apps let you create with the real world and engaging pictures, videos and draw doodles with AR effects and themes.

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