The Apple introduces the new ARKit in running on iOS 11 devices or also for Android devices, Developers have taken the full advance featuring of it to make thrilling AR powered apps and games. We have picked up some of the best AR games for iOS 11 or Android to let try to download and interact with the virtual world in an all-new way!

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Before download AR Game, let’s talk about ARKit, its supports A9, A10, and A11 processors. Hence, you will be advanced to play these top AR games on these devices like on iPhone 6s and more.


Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS


1Kings of Pool:

Kings of Pool iPhone and iPad Game Icon

Kings of Pool is powered by AR; The Kings of Pool is a charming 8 ball pool game. You can put the augmented reality table on an even surface and play the game with complete fun. The game has you to win and gets access to high-stakes tables. It allows you to play against top players from around the world. And their main goal is to gather as much cash as likely and become the most valuable billiards player in the game.

This AR Game supports several languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. As well, you can unlock more features through in-app buy.

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2Thomas and Friends

Thomas & Friends Minis iPhone an iPad AR Game Icon

Thomas and Friends are most powerful game to play! That allows you to create train sets and customize them to your best weakness. You can gild your train set with the use of tall trees, beautiful buildings and stunning customization to decorate.

Also, you can Use sandy beaches, bubbling lava, and snowy blizzards to paint your terrain. Also, more to the game allows collecting golden gears to unlock powerful engine skins like spooky Spencer.

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Stack AR iPhone and iPad Game Icon

StackAR is another most popular game to play on any devices but now it allows you to play with new advance featuring with AR version. The game is stunning enjoyable to play. Just scan an airplane surface and start building. To remain ahead, you need to pile the dazzling color gradient blocks as neatly as you can and as high as you can.

It craft of high design graphics and that offers you complete freedom to compete for the best score. Though the app is available for free to download and enjoy, you can upgrade ($1.99) it to the premium version if you want to remove ads on the gameplay.

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4Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000 iPhone and iPad AR Game Icon

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade well design action-packed game for your iOS devices. It becomes incredibly thrilling now due mainly to the introduction of AR.  You have an aggressive task at hand and have to lead the Freeblade to recovery. Go all out to destroy those who annihilated the noble house.

Slay endless invaders and totally eliminate them using both power and shrewd tactics. The classic story with more 170 single player missions has got plenty to test your skills.

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Orb iPhone and iPad AR Game Icon

Orb is a most-loving art app that your kid would easy to play. It lets you make wonderful 3D objects on your iPhone using this app. To get started, just select the basic outline then beautifully sculpt, scale, rotate, and paint them. You can make better things like house, snowman or even a tree.

After you have created amazing really, take pictures and easily share them from inside the app. The app also allows you to export your Orbs for 3D printing.

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6Stik AR

Stik AR iPhone and iPad Game Icon

The Stik AR app is a flood the world around you with fabulous stickers. If you shouldn’t miss out on Stik AR Then, you can easy to create your own stickers and you can capture a photo or video to share it with your friends. And just in case, you aren’t happy with what you have got, you can always top it up through in-app purchase.

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ARise iPhone and iPad AR Game Icon

Well, Arise introduce the stunning 3D puzzle game to ply. The game has to align difficult-to-find connections and create paths. As it doesn’t have any controls, you need to move around to complete each level. New puzzles are routinely added every month to ensure you always find something out of the box to play.

This is surely a challenging game for you, but once you get into the chill-out, you can master it.

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8Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO iPhone and iPad AR Game Icon

The world most popular game ever is called Pokémon GO. Now it can available to download AR game. It’s a location-based AR in which you have a walk around on your street and catch Pokémon. Then, you have to use them in the battle next to other players.

Join one of the three teams and go hard at your enemy for the ownership of any gym. Even better, you can also take part in attack battles at gyms around the world to showcase your smart gaming skill.

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Housecraft iPhone and iPad AR App Icon

Housecraft is best-augmented reality game.  It is a planning your future home and you need to visualize your dream home as brightly as you want. With the use of your device’ camera and the augmented reality, it allows you to place entirely make 3D models of objects.

Housecraft app has a huge catalog of objects which you need to just can select, resize, and place. Find out how big objects are and they easy to fit in your future home. You need to check out objects from any angle in any light. It also allows you to easy to save room configurations so that you can view them later.

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That’s all!

Assuming you have liked having a preview at these top AR apps and games!

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