If you want to fix your LG V30 Overheating issue then follow these simplest solutions, and easy to improve your LG V30 battery life.

Whilst the LG G6 is full to capacity with lightning speedy hardware, the device can occasionally be the case to overheating problems. When the LG G6 Overheating problem occurs, at that time your LG device performance drops and the battery drains faster. And the LG G6 can frequently feel slow down if it starts to overheat. So in this condition, we will show your complete solution about How to fix Overheating issue on the LG V30.

The LG V30 phone users have reported that the Overheating issue. So in this way we have to get a solution that the internal temperature of the device would suddenly increase. For almost any Smartphone device, we have to know that the Overheating is one of the best enemies. Right now, we are going to give you few easy solutions that are easy to get a better result, let’s rid below solution.


How to fix Overheating issue on the LG V30:

Solutions – LG V30 Overheating problem

How to fix Overheating issue on the LG V30

Solution 1: Remove your phone’s case

Do you have a case on your LG G30? You should remove the case and see if the overheating problems stop. Some LG G30 cases can create overheating problems because the case is too thick and doesn’t let out any heat that the LG G30 may be creating.

Solution 2: Do not use the phone while it is charging

This is the best tip to use if you’re concerned about your LG G30. A lot of power is transferred to the device when it is charging and this creates a lot of heat. If you try to use your LG G30 whilst charging, it’s best to keep things to daylight usage. In particular stay away from watching videos or playing games whilst charging.

Solution 3: Reboot your phone

At times it’s good to carry out a quick reboot. You can power off your phone, give it a few minutes to cool down and then control it back on again. Everyday restarts can often help improve performance as well.

Solution 4: Check the apps running in the background

Background apps still take handing out power from your LG G6 and these can frequently the problem to potential overheating issues. If you tend to use lots of games and apps, chances are there are dozens of applications consumption away at your LG G6’s processing power. By last these running apps you’ll be able to save battery and keep overheating problems to a minimum. Tap the button to the right of your home screen to bring up the new apps side. You can then tap ‘clear all’ to close all running apps or take each running app to close them on your own.

Solution 5: Safe mode reboot

If above mention all solution doesn’t work at a time you should follow the below safe mode solution on your LG G30 device.

  • First off hold the power off button and choose reboot to safe mode.
  • Once it boots, you will see that Safe Mode is indicated on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then Uninstall the app that is causing that problem.
  • Factory Reset and Wipe cache partition is also a solution although we are not going to undertake the procedures for it as it is one more issue itself.

Your phone should now successfully cool down and working properly.

That’s it.